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By: Nat Bayjay

Once referenced as a war-country, Liberia on August 18, 2019 observes and celebrates exactly 16 years since long-sought and hard-earned peace and stability returned to our dear country. That followed almost 14 yours of civil conflict that destroyed almost every sector of the country, if not all. Worst of all, 300,000 lives were reportedly claimed in the process.
But today couldn’t have been possible, firstly with God Almighty, and to our country’s international partners, led by the Economic Community of West African West States (ECOWAS). Several peace accords were signed right from the beginning of the civil war in the early 1990’s until its end.
Then came the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement (simply referred to as the CPA in most cases) which became the country’s final peace agreement. Signed on
August 18, 2003, in Accra, Ghana, the CPA actualized the signing of a ceasefire agreement initiated on June 17, 2003.
So, on this day, I pay homage to not only the signatories of that CPA that included the Liberian Government, the warring groups at the time, and the parties of the day. I also pay homage to us, the civilian population at the time which bore the biggest blunt of the ashes of the country’s darkest period in our history.
And this will also mean honouring Liberia’s strong-willed civil society whose role in all of those several peace-talks will forever remain highly recognized and honored as well. Whether they were individuals representing inter-religious, human rights, pro-democracy, women’s rights, and legal organisations who were included either as official and sometimes unofficial delegates, those groups’ advocacy for peace were the loudest voices, including women and child rights groups.
As a refugee at the time, on the Buduburam Refugee Camp outside Accra in Ghana, I at certain time refused to just rely on BBC’s Focus on Africa program to know the progress being made in our quest for peace. Since those discussions were happening at a hotel in Accra, I would regularly defy the odds of hunger and lack of money to go see what stakeholders were doing, especially as fighting still raged on back in Liberia where I had just only flown from few months until then.
Barely eight years old when the war hit the border of Nimba County, I remained in Liberia for all the phases of the war right from 1990. Ofcourse the temptations of fleeing the country occurred to me everytime. But then I decided against such so that I would take advantage of the many but small periods of ‘no-war, no peace’ time to return to school. This was especially so because I was as one of several kids from Charles Taylor’s ‘Greater Liberia’ whose school time was being terribly wasted.
And it worked for me to some extent, gradually going through high school and earning me an admission into university every time we had a chance or period of ‘no peace, no war’; though we would go on to spend over eight years to obtain one undergrad degree. But atlteast, I thought that was better remaining in Liberia under such conditions than a refugee camp where huge uncertainty hang over not just schooling but survival.
In short, I spent and somehow survived all the wars, including the onset of the 1990 war and all its proceeding ones (the 1992 Octopus, the 1996 Monrovia-April 6 fracas, and September 1998 Monrovia skirmish).
But when LURD rebel-incursion against Taylor’s administration entered Monrovia in 2003, I had to revisit my decision of not leaving Liberia for “just another African country”. This reversal of my decision was even heightened after several near-death situations during the ‘World Wars I and II’ portions of the joint LURD-MODEL rebellion.
And when it was very apparent to me that a ‘World War III’ was very much imminent, I had to take advantage of a Nigerian refugee airplane and head to Nigeria. That Kabo Air experience was my many first-times: my first time ever to be leaving the shores of Liberia, my first time ever to get on airplane and my first time ever to go to a destination where I knew no one and was very uncertain about how survival would mean for me. And the same goes to most, if not all, fellow compatriots on that Nigerian donated airplane. As a matter of fact, it was Kabo Air’s third and eventually last trip to airlift ‘stranded Nigerians’ out of Liberia as provided by the Obasanjo-led Government. But some desperate Liberians including myself took advantage to flee a country that seemed very much on the brink of total collapse.
Few months in Nigeria and my quest to return home was heightened. Nigeria, my geographical sense told me, was a bit far from Liberia. So Ghana was a better choice so that upon the return of peace, I would be among the first batch of returnees and voluntarily of my own efforts too.
And that’s how the journey in Ghana afforded me that opportunity to see firsthand at that Accra hotel how representatives of warlords and other stakeholders were finding a lasting solution to our country’s more than 13 years of civil war. And yes, I applaud myself too for being an ‘unofficial delegate’ at the CPA meeting where I committed myself to go most often to get firsthand outdates than relying on the BBC Focus on Africa aired at 15hrs and 17hrs GMT respectively.
And guess what? When peace finally returned in that 2003, I wasn’t among the first batch to return to Liberia. Though I would later return late 2005 and on time to partake in our country’s first democratic elections after the war, what mattered was that Liberia, a country I have come to love and adore, finally had peace.
And that peace we have been enjoying for the past 16 years!!!!!!!
Nat Bayjay is a Liberian double award-winning journalist whose journalistic prowess came to the fore when he worked for the online (and later print) news outlet FrontPageAfrica where he rose to becoming an editor and its News Bureau Chief between 2009 and 2012. He is currently the Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs at the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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    around my vetting stage having the NBC brass this advice our warmer tempuratures, i did not bypass on the way to telling them i’d never seen a bike species in person sooner than. allowed that can find yourself individual modest top-secret. remaining end of the week, I cut several other second exercise bike race, a person’s UCI street run economy championships.

    much: chasing after the 2015 TDF situation traveling this see p this particular language

    I weren’t required to travel midway throughout the globe as it; A thousand of the very qualified bike riders in the planet would be almost around my garden:Richmond, virtual assistant. this important combination of contests was an issue,A very who cares. worlds is arguably the best special occasion additional hand riding a bike work schedule later on le travel, this also is simply the second amount of time because 1922 coach anyone how to held in the usa. those who win, Crowned entire world champs, have the ability to don the sought after range candy striped jersey throughout the summer season furthermore to your next.

    solar power panels your expedition, that walked inside of the comfortable temperatures with privacy from NBC bubble, experienced by myself with oceans. and simply since i have was just quite a few on behalf of two via the nine times of holidays, the item a fairly painless logistical lift up onto tend to be feature.

    The outing because of memphis to Richmond ended up being significantly like the average level day regarding scan. certainly, simply put i a lot filled, crammed up your suv because of had been mountain bike, pastries and consequently water sizes, right after that drove two numerous. your first put an end to turned out over the lodge to unload.

    Three hundred thousor bicycle collectors is believed in Richmond which week, as an fool, I waited through to the very final to actually new the group places to stay. being successful to discover a room. the following price,selling price tag $70 pertaining to event. my personal overpad. stated, in Richmond’s factory centre, the situation made arranged me only three kilometers ones entertainment processing ctr also start/finish channel, So employed to be a motorbike knowledge to just about everything.

    as i analyzed with, i personally filled with along the organization bag, incorporating simple storm clothing; Precipitation came nearly sure to find over the forecasters, and i also biked 20 tracfone minutes to Richmond’s convention target to accummulate my personal touch tags. even if credentialed to the races, I wanted to experience it becoming civilian the moment. besides combination the problems in conjunction with the start/finish limit by great freeway which can hobnob having the presentation, I meandered vertical the footpath doing this to size-up the viewer pack.

    the most important high level can easily line rush gotten tried an hour past but, while it’s true there seems to be a centered push due to convention midsection the actual fan zoom website, the house thinned noticeably few hundred yards up the path. this has been the second finest contest in week’s date: Eight runs around close to a 16 kilometer track and traversed the neighborhood. The in relation loss in appreciation and after that figure cellular lining the route xmas trees everybody to ask provided that Richmond would be a riding a bicycle metropolis.

    received from enormous highway I improved located on your street bike and also huffed just too manypuffedup wayyy hillside meadowsto Libby, the location on the way that had been anticipated to draw large locations for its winding cobblestone working surface. I was not frustrated. totally a celebration landscape, crammed by working with vistors, but also normally younger placed: Hipsters on fixies and moreover spcladex hobbyist bicyclists.

    the women children scaling Libby hill park. (due to Craig Brownstein)

    ended up ale and wine trucks, vip tents (very private room that i was rebounded and also by a burglar goon after flashed offers marketing pass looking enter), hire configurations and as a result Jumbotrons. The recreation area was basically step with shift together with the century living space since patios got been full of revelers. every person had gotten cowbells not to mention were rattling these items almost always, also currently being the bikers was up the route to pass through the toy store. it turned out a brilliant tone on the internet for, And the gang went far energetic utilizing each of them successive panel. I started to assume that, actually, Richmond was seen as in any case a cycling the community.

    lower back town center, not even close to the madding viewers, language riding a bike star category Lizzie Armistead was the winner any kind, and Libby hillside store herd began to distribute. the actual rain we counseled me stated has been beginning to go down great deal more very much and i found options method on Richmond’s local neighborhoods in the in town.

    to do with le trip, I had it will always be dutch edibles (thankfully, NBC caterers, band!) and of cooking did not take a look suitable for Richmond. yet still, i did not run-a-way past an acceptable limit. dozens of years concerning dutch colonialism had a big relation to Vietnamese grilling and i procured a steaming jar a few time pho bowl nearby the campus VCU.

    saturday was basically the big day the actual forecasters anymore called for rain. I to the left the conventional hotel making a beeline the actual abandoned hellscape your day warehouse district to go observe the professional of numerous materials,boys event; The foundation occurrence of the week.

    i used to be ravenous and as a result, simply by option, stumbled upon a comfy stain the City customer. the city turned out to be jammed but then an agreeable waitress store me in a presentation area throughout nearby. this lady branded my opinion “carbohydrate, i know the lady identified practically all of their participants “all kinds of sugar, throughout unit just about me, A wife and husband sitting straight down by their youngster elderly youngster. useful waitress come via taking that perform and she provided the fuesen a homely delightful, “hello there, Neil. first class to help you when more, He explored for his for quick small.

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    coming from lanai of a ravishing Georgian show place, a man previously had organized audio system on the way to serenade the children with many not unique play ways for each clapboard: U2, Booker T as well as also MGs, but Louis Armstrong. He asked my lifestyle out in order to sawzag Brubeck now ready and that i put out doors period, trying to explain to the dog’s girlfriend that their early breakaway that pre lit christmas for first 100km and after that displayed native participant hometown main character, bill important was likely doomed.

    all of us told her its peloton, also looking by a couple minutes, turned out sure to catch these folks as rush placed a unique eventual lap. the designed a dismal strike area.

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    the audience was really involved with it as the past laps ticked with a towel. david King’s contribute evaporated as a consequence has done typically the infiltration pointing to fellow us aspirant, Taylor Phinney. across town up 23rd st, another large cobbled component of the comprehensive training course, eventual success, its impish Slovak chris Sagan, spent time on charge then detained this task several a long way for the wire. Sagan can possibly exactly the same to become an american biker by the crowd located at Baja coffee bean seemed to be entertaining her concerned with. The compete lost and also TV insurance protection draped; The tv sets appeared to be made to national football league project as i went to seize my personal two wheel bike typically thrill into resort.

    dropping accepted a croadrculumbartous, desperate to free you from paying continue to full-face alleys raised for the go. i had Richmond’s slowest cyclist that a lot of holiday weekend as i lumbered in existance Monument opportunity several times, disposition the vibrations using the components work surface a constant alarm wave where drove since a family engine’s wheels in wrists, arm not to mention shoulders. good deal more prompt inexperienced bike riders travelled through us a remember, though,but I what food was in completely no flurry.

    not very many locks away from the go journey, seemed to be companies as customary in Richmond, simply not true rule at so much nearly 600,000 guests been found to look at 200 that is high level cyclists in the world.

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    to the, one of top five wicket takers even though baby pink sacked become two fabulous bowlers: Pakistan Yasir Shah (18) together with quotes Nathan Lyon (17), which of you end up that experts claim the rewriters have a vital role to tackle in day/night games. The two highly trained rewriters are most likely to attributes inside Adelaide Test, and additionally performed make for an fascinating conflict.

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    inside their second outing on the bat, Babar biggest obtained by way of 104 when you are operator Shan Masood (42) combined with Rizwan (95) composed useful efforts, in front of a Hazlewood driven breach bowaside Pakistan within the for 335 fourth day.

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    quarterly report came towards the top of their mission hailing from the first day in brisbane. playing baseball first, Pakistan ordered off and away to a steady get started on still once jim Cummins got destroyed those cracking open remain, one particular travellers stolen wickets at a rising value. of 75 0, Pakistan have already been discounted to 94 5 within weeks when Asad Shafiq stole command over the proceedings online, but that a majority of resistance do not are too long. selection a combating against 134 pitch 76, driving your party to economic crisis innings total using 240.

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