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LACTS Identifies With China

The Liberian Association of Chinese Trained Scholars-LACTS, on Thursday last week presented to authorities at the Chinese Embassy in Congo Town, a statement of solidarity to the people and government of the People’s Republic of China for the Cov-19 pandemic and the loss of thousands of its citizens.
Reading a Special Statement, LACTS’s President Clifton Garpeh Jr. recounted the numerous assistance China had rendered to Liberia including affording them the opportunity of studying in that country, where according to him, several Liberians were able to achieve standardized tertiary education.
Clifton further stated that as Liberia and Liberians are aware of the grave disaster the virus had caused to China and added that, his organization stands ready to join China in the fight at least to see that the people of China live in a free and safe environment where the lives of their citizens will protected.
“We are aware of the epidemic, because over the years, China was one of the countries which stood there for us; we observed that during the Ebola virus outbreak, so we are also aware of the grave damage this had caused to China,” he stated.
Clifton said, China has been one of Liberia’s truest and most reliable partners through a flourishing bilateral relations subsisting between the two countries. “There is generally no sector in Liberia that has not experienced the positive impact of PRC, from education to health; agriculture to the security sector; from economic revitalization, and infrastructure to basic social services and the media. China has always stood with Liberia and showed its enormous unflinching supports to the rebuilding process of Africa’s oldest independent state,” he stated.
“Our thoughts and compassion are with the families and relatives of all those affected by the virus in China and around the world. This difficult situation began in January 2020 at the time when preparations were already underway to celebrate the beginning of the Year,” he averred.
He committed his organization’s support in joining China in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus, “As you continue to combat this deadly virus which continues to spread around the world, we, the officials and members of the Liberian Association of Chinese Trained Scholars (LACTS), stand with you wholeheartedly in these difficult times of your nation’s history. We look forward to continuous and cordial relationship between our two countries in 2020 and beyond,” he intimated.
“May the Almighty God grant you increased wisdom and fortitude to defeat and eradicate this menace, COVID-19 in the soonest possible time. Again, Liberia and Liberians empathize and stand with you and we wish you all the best in this and future endeavors. Long live the People’s Republic of China and Liberia; long live the Liberia-China relations.
Meanwhile, an official at the Chinese Embassy LIU Ying had lauded the Leadership and members of the China-Liberia students for identifying with them and promised his country’s continuous supports to the people and government of Liberia.
Ying further urged Liberians to remain proactive in the fight against the deadly virus as according to him, his country had managed to at least reduce the spread of the virus and Liberia can do the same by adhering to those safety measures and help curtail the spread.
Liberia now had two confirmed cases of the virus with another case pending for testing.

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