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Justice Appoints Roving County Solicitor In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
Stephen Quoi has been appointed by the Ministry of Justice as Roving County Solicitor in Nimba County with the responsibility to work with Magisterial Court’s that don’t have a City Solicitor during court trials in the county.
Nimba is next to Montserrado County with huge number of courts without a City Solicitor to fast track criminal cases on the lower court docket in the nine electoral districts in the county.
Speaking to this paper via mobile phone over the weekend in the county, Stephen Quoi, explained that his appointment is in line to speed up with criminal cases in many of the lower courts in the nine electoral districts that lack City Solicitors to prosecute suspects pending court trial.
According to reports gathered by this paper, the nine electoral districts in Nimba contain 22 Magisterial Courts with nine City Solicitors representing the Ministry of Justice in the county.
When this paper contacted Roving County Solicitor Stephen Quoi, he explained that he was first assigned at the Gompa Magisterial Court as City Solicitor for the past several years ably representing the Ministry of Justice.
According to him, his assignment took immediate effect as of August 2021 to work along with the Liberia National Police to make sure that suspects arrested for any criminal offenses be charged under the law and sent to a competent court of jurisdiction for prosecution in accordance with the Liberian Constitution.
According to the Liberia National Police assigned in the county, Ganta is rated high for crime rates coupled with other human rights violations.

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