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Jallah Town Residents Still Protesting For Electricity

By Bill W. Cooper
Several aggrieved residents of the Jallah Town Community yesterday blocked the street in continuation of a protest action demanding that electricity is restored to their community.
The residents set up road blocks at the various entry points leading to District #8 where Moses Acarous Gray represents, something which jammed the traffic along the Sinkor route for nearly five hours.
According to information gathered by this paper, the yesterday’s action is the second; as it can be recalled that the inhabitants gathered before at the Capitol Building calling upon Rep. Gray to ensure that electricity is restored to their district.
Speaking to a team of reporters during the protest action, some of the aggrieved residents explained that it has been a year since their transformer blew off and that they informed their representative on several occasions but all to no avail.
The aggrieved residents said they have also engaged the management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) formally about their plight but all they have received are promises or assurances.
“Enough is enough. So how long will it take the LEC to give our community current? As far as we are concerned, we don’t have any representative but money seeker whose aim is to enrich himself,” the aggrieved protesters told the media.
“But we have surprise for him. 2023 will be the day of reckoning for him and his government and we can confidently say to the country and the world at large that comes 2023, the CDC government will be retired,” the protestors alluded.
Meanwhile, following several hours of their protest action, the situation was calm by the intervention of a representative from the LEC and the Liberia National Police (LNP) Deputy Inspector General, Marvin Sackor.
However, this paper was unable to ascertain the actual outcome from the meeting held between the LNP Deputy boss, the LEC representative and the leadership of the aggrieved community dwellers until press time.

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