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Is Weah Actually Prepared To Resign?

By Alex Yomah
President George Weah has threatened to resign if his lieutenants refuse to double-up their game in order to portray good image of his government at international and local levels.The former football icon who blasted his officials reiterated that any attempt to avert any form of subversion that has the tendency to kill peaceful citizens under his watch, he will quit his position.
The Liberian leader said the constant protests against government, not only dimmed government’s image but also show a bad signal to partners.
He urged his officials to work on all the claims against the government, noting that he is not willing to govern a country where protests will be the hallmark of the day.
Weah confessed tension over insecurity and urged the security apparatus to improve their works to reduce what he calls level of dissatisfaction and threats in the country.
He further said that, he took over as President to bring total developments, improve the lives of citizens and not to do things that will aggravate them to the extent that will cause them protest against him.
The Liberian leader took minutes of his time as chair of the National Steering Committee on Monday to blast officials of his government to do well especially in the security sector.
Weah’s statements were ignited by reports of protestations across the country due to alleged rampant corruption, ritualistic killings, constant reports of rapes and insecurity from the Justice system.
“The last time, I heard that people wanted to protest against government because a citizen Princess Cooper was killed. To be frank, this girl was not working for government to be hunted; then why would government kill her? But again, we are under obligation to locate her killer,” he said.
He said if it is corruption issue, “Let the Legislature give LACC Prosecutorial powers to prosecute every corrupt case, noting that his government has nothing to hide despite all of the claims.”
The Liberian Chief Executive reminded that he once resigned when he was head of the National Team, where he used to spend his money on behalf of government, but there came a time; he said Liberians said worst things about him and he got angry and resigned as Captain and technical director of the national team.
“I have lived abroad but nowhere like home. I always want to be home because this is where I have many friends and families,” he concluded.

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