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Indian Gov’t Clarifies Jeety’s Gesture

The Indian government says it has never given any support to the continuous humanitarian gesture demonstrated to the people of Liberia by its former Consul General, Upjit Singh Sachdeva known as Jeety.
The Indian Ambassador to Liberia, Ivory Coast and Guinea, Sailas Thangal, told a news conference yesterday in Monrovia that the initiatives undertaken by the former serviceman of his country are personal.
The clarification comes in the wake of wide spread speculations in the public domain that Jeety had received US$5 million from his government which he is using for humanitarian purposes before and after his duty service ended in the country.
Meanwhile, the Indian government is expected to formally operate its mission in Liberia as a result of the good bilateral relationship that exists between the two nations, but was not definite about the time of commencement.
Ambassador Thangal revealed that there are three Foreign Service officials of the Indian government who are in Liberia presently exploring avenues for the opening of the Indian Embassy.
He said because of the cordial tie between Liberia and India, his government is contributing immensely to the reconstruction programmes of Liberia and named its initial contributions as the US$2 million toward the construction of the 14 Military Hospital, 45 new buses and three containers of spare parts for the buses, medical supplies, amongst others.

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