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Immigration Disrobes Officer Boimah Ziyeah

By Bill W. Cooper
The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) has with immediate effect, disrobe and suspend one of its officers, Boimah Ziyeah, for time indefinite while pending the outcome on an investigation for allegedly being intoxicated while on duty.
Recently, in a video circulating on social media, Officer Boimah Ziyeah was being observed in his official uniform to have been intoxicated while enroute from his assigned area, Maryland County to Monrovia.
Addressing a news conference yesterday at his LIS office in Sinkor, LIS Deputy Commissioner General for Administration, Moses K. Yebleh stated that the Service condemns in the strongest term the action being exhibited by their officer because it is in total breach of the institution’s professional and ethical standard.
According to him, said attitude by their officer also contravenes Section 18.0 on ‘alcoholic beverages and drugs’ and Subsection 18.1 which states, “No officer of the Liberian Immigration Service in uniform shall consume alcoholic beverages while on duty and off duty or having any recognizable component of the uniform.”
He added, “In view of the above, officer Ziyeah has immediately been disrobed, suspended for time indefinite and turned over to the Professional Standard Division of the LIS for speedy conduct of an investigation in line with the LIS Disciplinary Regulations and Administrative Instruction.”
Deputy Commissioner Yebleh further assured that recommendation(s) emanating from the investigation upon its completion by the LIS PSD will be fully implemented by the LIS necessary authority thus also assuring a free, fair and transparent process in accordance with due process of law.
The LIS Deputy boss further reiterated that the LIS administration will not condone any unethical act from its officers, stressing, “We will therefore like to warn all LIS officers to govern themselves appropriately in line with our Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations as the entity will not shield any violator(s).”
Commissioner Yebleh averred, “Many of the LIS trainings in recent times have been sponsored and supported by our international partners who are working with us to ensure that officers are prepared physically and mentally to perform their responsibilities and as such, we want to assure the public that the investigation will be conducted in the shortest possible time of which we will make public the outcome of its findings.”
In remark, the Deputy Commissioner General for Naturalization, Atty. Asatu Bah-Kenneh lauded her boss for the step taken in ensuring that the image, prestige and integrity of the LIS are upheld, noting that said action should now serve as a warning to would-be violators.
She further stated, “My being a legal practitioner, I will ensure that Mr. Ziyea who although has not turned himself over to the investigation team will be given a proper treatment like other officers every step along the investigation to ensure that justice is dispensed properly and equally.”

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