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Imageliberia Wants International Support To Curb Covid-19

A local Humanitarian NGO, Imageliberia, is calling on the international community to immediately come to Liberia’s aid in raiding the coronavirus.
Speaking at his ELWA Paynesville office, Imageliberia’s Executive Director, Edwin G. Wandah, said without the help of Liberia’s International partners, the country stands to lose several lives; referencing Liberia’s Research Doctor and Scientist, Dr. Douglas Chris Nyan, who said there was a need for an international support to help train nurses and doctors who are taking the risk to save lives.
Wandah called on Liberians to pay heed to Dr. Nyan, who is a Biomedical Research Scientist whose analyzed that several lives will be lost if Liberians fail to adhere to the health protocols and remain in denial, adding that the current coronavirus pandemic is not a joke.
“Liberia stands at risk of losing several lives if nothing is done to at least curtail the spread. We need to take precaution through the analysis made by Dr. Nyan that Liberians should step up from the denial stage and at least embrace preventive methods,” he stated.
He is called on all Diplomatic Missions in the country to help convey to their respective countries the need for more technical, logistical, administrative and financial supports to the country.
“There is a need for the government to change its current methods and adapt a new one as the old aspect seems not to be working as new cases continue to emerge,” he stated.
However, Wandah also wants people to willingly avail themselves for testing if they notice any symptoms so as to give health practitioners the smooth corridor in tracking those who may be carrying the virus unnoticed.
“There is a need for those tracing people to adapt a much friendly approach so that they are taken as strangers in the communities and we also called on the government to use individuals from their own communities as contact tracers,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Wandah is hailing President Weah for his farsightedness in instituting a State of Emergency that will restrict the movement of persons as well as commercial vehicles and businesses at least for required period.
He further lauded the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) for the regular updates on the covid-19, adding, that it will reduce some of the fears citizens have of the virus.
Imageliberia is currently partnering with the Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) on a month-long project in Zeon Town Community to conduct awareness on tracking of persons who have health complications in the community.

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