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“I Signed Agreement
On Gov’t’s Behalf”
…Sen. Joseph Claimed; Reports Boakai To Supporters

By Alex Yomah
Montserrado County Senator, Saar Joseph has complained that the chairperson of the Collaborating Political Party, Joseph Nyumah entered his “pepper-bush” in the United States of America.
Saar Joseph, a key member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, speaking to his supporters over the weekend alleged, “Joseph Boakai, the man who wants to be President of Liberia lacks the requisite contacts contrary to oppositions’ claims.”
“Joseph Boakai who wants to be President of Liberia went to the United States of America and visited where I signed an agreement on behalf of the government to ask the very people for assistance,” Senator Joseph told his supporters.
Recently, Senator Joseph was seen on social media with a fleet of transport vehicles and container of medical supplies some of which he donated to JFK referral hospital, something he had often done.
Senator Joseph’s ascendency from the House of Representatives to the Liberian Senate thereby replacing his political leader, George Manneh Weah, was hugely influenced by some medical supplies he had lobbied for during the fight against Ebola from foreign friends.
Joseph was recognized during Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s administration as ‘Ebola-Hero’ and this name boosted his political campaign in Liberia and this is the political leverage; apparently he does not want any opposition venturing into.
He reported Boakai for trespassing his ‘pepper-bush’ in the United States of America where he often goes to beg for those materials which according to him; with such connection, they “will supply us until we say let it stay.”
However, Senator Joseph’s revelation that he signed on behalf of the government committing the country to an agreement with a partner in the United States to supply Liberia is the issue citizens are beginning to raise.
The question is, does a senator have such power to commit the country to a deal? Article 3 of the 1986 Constitution states that, “No body from another Branch of Government shall exercise powers ascribed to another branches of the government.”
Article 3 states further that; “Liberia is a unitary sovereign state divided into counties for administrative purposes. The form of government is republican with three separate coordinate branches; the Legislative, the Executive and Judiciary, consistent with the principles of separation of powers, checks and balances, no person holding office in one of these branches shall hold in or exercise any of the powers assigned to either of the two branches except as otherwise provided in this constitution.”
It can be recalled that a senator was accused of usurpation and President Weah termed it as unacceptable the attempt to usurp his constitutional authority by officials of government.
In a widely circulated letter dated July 19, 2019, Senator Joseph wrote and sought to affect an appointment and a dismissal at the Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA), thus improperly arrogating unto himself the power to “grant” someone the authority to serve as Managing Director.
President Weah described Joseph’s action then as unlawful and that it runs contrary to Article 56A of the Constitution of Liberia which grants exclusive authority to the President of the Republic to appoint all such officials.
The President has also expressed disapproval of this attempted usurpation of his function and reiterated his call to all officials of the government to carry out their duties in accordance with law and to work diligently to improve the lives of the Liberian people.
The President also warned that corrective measures will be meted if such flagrant attempt to usurp his constitutional responsibility has occurred again.

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