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Heated Argument To Revoke ‘Fraudulent’ Will

A heated argument ensued at the Probate Court on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 between lawyers representing relatives on each side in defense of their argument to revoke a letter of Administration issued to Mr. Lawrence Tweh.
The lawyer representing two children, (Victoria B. Koon, and William T. Koon) believed to be of the late Dr. Thomas Koon argued on the basis of a Bill of Information filed before the court against their cousin, Mr. Lawrence S. Tweh Sr. that he is in possession of a letter of administration issued out of the court.
Arguing further, he pleaded with the judge to revoke the Letter of Administration. Strongly arguing, he said if the letter is not revoked, it will remain valid, putting him in the possession of Dr. Koon’s properties and denying the children from benefiting while they are still alive.
To authenticate his argument, he cited the Decedent Estate Law section 107.1 which is wrapped around revocation of Letters of Administration and asked the court to take judicial notice of all the court’s records.
On the other hand, Mr. Tweh’s lawyer bitterly argued that the Bill of Information before the court was never filed with attachment. Even though he did not deny that the letter of administration is fake but pointed out that the legal practice in this jurisdiction is for the children’s lawyer to come by way of newly discovered evidence instead of Bill of Information.
His argument further prompted Judge Vinton Holder to take a look at the Letter of Administration which is also believed to be stamped and signatured by the Probate Court.
It can be recalled that in recent time, the two children of the late Dr. Thomas G. Koon filed a lawsuit against their nephew, Mr. Lawrence Tweh Sr. who is believed to be an employee of the Ministry of Education for allegedly using a fraudulent Will to take control of their late father’s properties.
Their Bill of Information has informed the court that, Mr. Lawrence S. Tweh Sr. without fear of God and with the intent to deprive them of their legitimate inheritance, allegedly forged the original Will left by their father for his self-interest.
However, the judge has reserved ruling in the matter pending notice of assignment.

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