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Health Begins 2nd Round Nationwide Polio Vaccination

The Health Ministry has announced that it is prepared to administer phase two of polio vaccination campaign to children between zero to 59 months old nationwide.
The exercise starts today, May 28-31, throughout the country and will be carried out from door to door including at schools, churches and mosques.
Health Minister Wilhelmina Jallah told a news conference yesterday in Monrovia that the process is intended to administer the second dose of the vaccine of polio to children between the above mentioned months.
She said if there is a child or children who missed the phase one of the programme, could be considered for the second one but she did not state how it will be done.
About covid-19, Jallah indicated that over 55,000 Liberians have taken the dose or vaccine so far and urged more persons to come forward to be vaccinated. Also, over 12,000 healthcare workers nationwide have taken the vaccine and perhaps there are more to do likewise.
She said the second administering of the dose will begin on Tuesday, June 1 and it is intended for only those who were vaccinated on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
The Minister warned the public to keep observing the protocol of the virus by wearing their masks on ground that the pandemic is not yet over, therefore, those who are positive with the virus are encouraged to come forward instead of hiding at homes or houses.
“Those who are positive with the virus should stop hiding themselves but come forward. Because there are many of them who did the test and they are or were positive of the virus but whenever we call them, they will tell you wrong numbers or I’m not the one,” Jallah noted.
She stated, among many things, that those traveling to United States must do their health check three days ahead of departure and for those traveling to Europe, two days ahead of time.
About travelers coming into the country mainly from Asia, the Minister said they must bring along their covid-19 results. In spite of that, a test will be conducted on such person at the Roberts International Airport and once that happens, he or she will not be allowed to leave the port until there is a result.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jallah said Ebola vaccine is expected to be in the country next week but it is for three counties and two districts; which she did not name.

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