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Hans Armstrong’s Wife Accuses Him Of Drugs, Alcohol Abuse

The wife of a British national, Hans Armstrong, is asserting that her husband allegedly asked her to leave their marital home after he introduced her to what she described as “hard illegal street drugs and alcohol.”
According to Madam Karen R. Clarke-Armstrong, “just to satisfy his extreme sexual desire” she became addicted to drugs and became sometimes uncontrollable and aggressive.
Madam Armstrong pointed out that as a result of the addiction, she took to the streets and moved from ghetto to ghetto sleeping to satisfy her addiction to the said “hard street drugs and alcohol” allegedly introduced to her by her husband, Mr. Armstrong.
According to Madam Armstrong, this “inhumane and wicked” act was allegedly meted out against her by her husband, though “we are still married pending the granting of our divorce for Incompatibility to Temper, which I filed against him in court.”
Madam Armstrong’s assertions are contained in a detailed formal complaint filed by her lawyers at the Six Judicial Circuit in Montserrado County having dragged Mr. Armstrong and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center/E.S. Grant Mental Health Hospital, by and thru the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jerry Brown to court over Action of Damages for Wrong.
However, the Plaintiff, in her complaint, furthered that with the help of her brother identified as Kalvin Clarke, she sought rehabilitative treatment from the FK Medical Center/E.S. Grant Mental Health Center, which is the 2nd Defendant in the case, and also from Ghana in 2017 where she stayed for a period of time, all at the expense of her brother and is still fighting to get rehabilitated and delivered from the addiction.
“When I left the J FK Medical Center/E.S. Grant Mental Health Center in August of 2019, specifically co-2nd Defendant E.S. Grant Mental Health Center, 1st Defendant Armstrong connived with some employees of the said co-Defendant E.S. Grant Mental Health Center and illegally obtained my medical records without my consent and /or court order,” she explained.
“Upon obtaining my medical records illegally, the 1st Defendant attached same to a Motion of Newly Discovered Evidence to gain an advantage over me in the pending divorce case, thereby illegally exposing my personal and medical records to the public, as all documents filed in a case automatically become public records,” she said.
“The 1st Defendant also used the said medical records to file a criminal case against me in the Monrovia City Magisterial Court, alleging that I committed Bigamy/Polygamy by having a baby while still married; the medical report indicated that I was pregnant,” the Plaintiff, among other things, mentioned in her complaint in which she attached copies of the “illegally” obtained medical records.
the Motion for Newly Discovered Evidence along with the 1st Defendant Sworn Affidavit, the medical report from 2nd Defendant diagnosed Plaintiff pregnant by co-Defendant 2nd E.S. Grant Mental Health of the JFK Medical Center and the writ of arrest for bigamy/polygamy issued against the Plaintiff upon the complaint of the 1st Defendant, to form a cogent part of this action.
According to credible court documents, the Plaintiff’s lawyers said Defendant Armstrong exposed the medical records of their client to the public by filing same with the court, thereby making them public records when he had no authority to do so and using said “illegally” gotten medical records and allegedly accusing her of bigamy/ polygamy and exposing the Plaintiff to shame, disgrace and public ridicule.
Meanwhile, her lawyers are praying the court to adjudge the Management of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center/E.S. Grant Mental Health Hospital in the amount of not less than US$1,000,000 as general damages and US$500,000 as punitive damages for the “unauthorized” release of her medical records to Defendant Armstrong for allegedly invading her privacy and breaching the John F. Kennedy Medical Center’s Confidentiality Policy thus exposing her to shame, disgrace and public ridicule.
The 2nd Defendant, among other things, added that the matter is a current subject of an ongoing police investigation and prayed that the court denies and dismisses the plaintiff’s complaint, and render judgment against Plaintiff, and to also rule the cost of these proceedings against the said Plaintiff and grant unto Defendant such and all other further relief the court may deem legal, proper and appropriate.

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