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Group Praises Pres. Weah for Aircraft

The leader of a pro-democracy group under the banner: ‘Weah FULCRUM 2023’ has commanded the Liberian leader for Air Liberia flight in the country.
According to Vakuma Dukuly, the Lone Star Air Liberia flight has brought dignity to the aviation sector of Liberia among nations of the world.
He said for too long Liberia has been left behind in operating its own flight as an African nation, adding that almost all West African countries operating their own flight.
The Weah FULCRUM 2023 leader noted with the presence of Air Liberia on the African Continent has given a new face of Liberia in the aviation sector among nations in the region.
Mr.Dukuly pointed out d that his pro-democracy group focuses on tangible from the Weah led-government .
He said President Weah’s leadership ability continues to transform every sector of Liberia .
According to him, his pro-democracy group is not belly-driven politicians, but they are interested in moving Liberia forward and that they believe in the leadership performance of President Weah’s administration.
The group leader wants Liberians at home and abroad to embrace development initiatives being undertaken by the George Weah Led- government.
Mr. Dukuly, who spoke on wide range of developmental issues confronting Liberia’s growth and development, also suggested that Liberians should support development and avoid politics which he said has not helped Liberia and will not help Liberia .

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