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“Gov’t Alone Should Not Accredit Media” …Press Freedom Day Orator Makes Several Recommendations

The World Press Freedom Day’s orator, Jefferson Tamba Koijee, says the accreditation of media institution in Liberia should not be left to the government alone.
Koijee said the vetting of media should involve both the government and the Press Union of Liberia or the media.
Serving as orator at the Press Union of Liberia’s (PUL) celebration of World Press Freedom Day in Fishtown, River Gee yesterday, Koijee said in an effort to promote transparency and independence of the media, the PUL should conduct a pre-vetting of all requests for accreditation of media institutions; be it the print or electronic and forward the outcomes to government institutions responsible for consideration.
The Monrovia City Mayor recommended that the media need an independent body, preferably a board or committee comprising citizens with the moral rectitude and integrity, technical expertise and experience to serve as a watchdog over the media since the media serve as the watchdog of society.
He advised that the PUL strengthens its measures on journalists and media practitioners who use their platforms purely for political motives in gross disregard for their ethical responsibilities thus compromising their independence.
He advanced further that PUL sets up a Media Council on Waste Management to work with city governments in all of the 15 counties and sensitize their population on the need to take responsibility for waste which could become a national health and security threat.
Meanwhile, Koijee also recommended that the President of Liberia appoints a Special TRC Report Board led by the PUL and civil society representation for the full implementation of the TRC Report so that a War and Economic Crimes court will be eventually be set-up to ensure that impunity in the land will be addressed and discouraged forever. See text on 9

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