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Garbage Taking Over Ganta

By Solomon Gaye Sr.

Garbage is gradually taking over several streets and market areas in the commercial city of Ganta which is creating a serious health hazard among the citizens in the county.A concerned citizen, Yassah Nyeplue said since the beginning of October 2020, garbage has taken over the main street connecting the parking station for Saclepea, the used clothes market at the Ganta general market and the local market around the LDBI Bank in Gbatu Quarter in Ganta, Nimba County.
Another concerned citizen, Madam Helen Paye, said that the huge pile of garbage on the main street at the Five for Five market ground, Saclepea parking and the Ganta general market is undoubtedly creating a serious health hazard in the community.
Madam Helen Paye added that, because of the mountain-like garbage at the various streets such as Saclepea Parking, Ganta General Market, Five for Five Market, the areas have become mosquito-infested as malaria looms high in various communities, most especially in Gbatu Quarter.
Speaking in separate remarks, Madam Oretha Saye pointed an accusing finger at the Superintendent for Ganta general market of collecting LD. 20, 00 ticket intended for the collection of the garbage, but the piling of garbage around the used clothes market is indeed a serious embarrassment for used-clothes dealers.
Since the appointment of Mayor Amos G. Suah for the City of Ganta in 2018, the proliferation of unattended garbage sites at various main city centers, streets and market ground is getting to be the order of the day and a common practice creating serious concern among the citizens in the county.
During a guided tour in Gbatu Quarter, huge pile of garbage has unprecedentedly taken over the main road connecting the main street around planet 44 Bar and Restaurant near the Sanniquellie parking station.
Speaking on behalf of the Five for Five Markets in Gbatu Quarter in Ganta, Table Director Abraham Jah, pointed an accusing finger at the management of Golden Frozen Food, and Unity Frozen Food for the huge garbage in the markets and its surroundings.
Table Director Abraham Jah added that the administration of LMA in Ganta is in agreement with the Gompa City Corporation to collect garbage and that they are not responsible for the collection of garbage.
When contacted, both management of Golden Frozen Food and Unity Frozen Food offices in Gbatu Quarter, explained that LD 5,000 is being paid to the Gompa City Corporation at the end of every month for the collection of garbage, but for weeks now, they have reneged on their task.
The administrative assistant, Africano Dolo said that a local NGO (SEA) is responsible for the collection of garbage in communities in Ganta and GCC is responsible to clean the main street according to MOU signed by GCC and SEA.

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