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Friends Of Samukai Presents Initial US$ 10,000 To Court

Some residents of Lofa County under the banner ‘Friends of Samukai’ (FOS) have presented an initial US$ 10,000 against Samukai’s required 50% share of the US$ 382,000 of the AFL’s pension to the Criminal Court ‘C’.
During the presentation of the money yesterday, the former Lofa County Superintendent, Galapa Kortimai reiterated that they will help the county’s senator-elect, J. Brownie Samukai, for which he cannot be certificated since his election on December 8, 2020.
According to Kortimai, residents of Lofa County they will stand by their senator- elect so that he is certificated by the National Elections Commission; adding that the check presented were monies collected from farmers, market women, motorcyclists and students from Lofa County and others countries.
The former superintendent expressed that Lofa County is bleeding because their county is not represented at the Legislature due to the delay of the NEC pointing out, “Some part of last month, we had a rally and collected this amount of money and today we are here to present it.”
He emphasized that every week a presentation in settlement of the amount to be paid will be made; with assurance that some partisans of the Unity Party residing in the USA have made some contributions but it was due to the banking problems, there were unable to cash out the money.
He expressed how proud the people of Lofa County are to participate in such venture.
Receiving the check for onward transaction to the court, Cllr. Rufus Wiefueh Sayeeh added that his client is willing to pay the money and promised to present the check to the court and as well obtain an official receipt.
Cllr. Sayeeh said that his client is law abiding by paying of the amount required to the court and they are looking forward to completing his portion of the initial 50 percent.

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