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Free ‘Liberia Movement’ Lobbies For Sovereign Nat’l Confab

By Bill W. Cooper

The Free Liberia Movement has called for a Sovereign National Conference where citizens of Liberia may deliberate on envisioning a new blueprint and a new constitution for participatory democracy in Liberia.

The group, in a release issued by its founder, Rev. Torli Krua, said the conference will further replace forever, the current ‘corrupt system’, envisioned by American slave masters and the U.S. Government to perpetuate slavery and poverty.

The Free Liberia Movement, which is a flagship advocacy arm of the Universal Human Rights International (UHRI), further stated that the U.S. government, which they described as the ‘creator of the colony of Liberia’ must bear the cost for the exercise.

Rev. Krua, a prominent Liberian human rights activist based in Boston, also stated, “Liberians must only accept the outcomes of free, fair, and inclusive elections. If the process is flawed, fix it, because Liberians will never accept a flawed, undemocratic, and corrupt process or its outcomes.”

He maintained, “Liberia wasn’t created as an African democracy. Therefore, Liberia cannot automatically become a democracy based on elections conducted in a corrupt and deceptive electoral system that caters to wealthy individuals that exclude citizens’ input and participation.”

According to him, the U.S.’ call for Liberians to accept what he called an undemocratic process that is not free, not fair, not inclusive, and corrupt, is not new, adding, “Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was told by the United States to stop peacefully marching for justice and civil rights.”

“Nelson Mandela was declared a terrorist by the United States for fighting against Apartheid and racism in his country. Even after Mandela was freed, the Government of the United States considered him a terrorist and kept him on the US Terror watch list, even after he was elected President of South Africa and for 18 years, until Obama was elected.

Begin at the beginning! West Point, Monrovia, Liberia and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the poorest places on Earth, were created by American Colonization and codified racism by the US Congress. “Charity begins at home,” he said.

He furthered, “America must clean up its own mess of colonization and occupation before venturing to clean up the mess of Russian Colonization of Ukraine and Israel’s occupation and colonization of Gaza.”

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