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FDA Sets Huge Quantity Of Confiscated Bush Meat Ablaze

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has burnt a sizeable quantity of confiscated bush meat (150) from the South East and North Western parts of the country thereby sounding another warning to all those involved in the illegal trade.
The FDA says it will not relent in keeping the wildlife law in line with its intended purpose especially in the wake of the coronavirus menace which has and continues to undercut the peace and security of the entire world.
Speaking during the burning exercise Friday March 27, 2020 at the entity’s Whein Town Head office in Paynesville, Monrovia, and FDA Wildlife Manager Abenego Gbarway said it is illegal and forbidden to kill protected animals and trade them. He reiterated FDA’s unwavering deterrence measures against the killing of protected species especially at a time when the origin of coronavirus is obviously traced to wildlife.
He then issued stern warning against the habit of domesticating animals as pets, something he said has grave penalty. Gbarway thanked FDA’s collaborating partners for their firm cooperation with FDA something which he said has and continues to yield desired results.
He also commended the rangers for the good work and hoped they will keep up the fight in the cause of protecting the generation of protected species in line with CITES regulations.
Speaking also at the occasion, the Deputy Director of the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue Protection (LCRP) James Desmond elaborated on the danger of interacting with wildlife which he said are primary carriers of human killer diseases citing the prevailing coronavirus as typical example.
Meanwhile, in the face of the coronavirus menace which has and continues to undercut the peace and security of the entire world, the Management of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has put in place several preventive measures.
Among other things, these measure include a systematic fumigation of the entire buildings while huge containers of sensitizers are placed at all entry points. All employees and visitors are under stringent mandate to observe these standing rules and regulation such as washing hands upon entry or leaving the premises.
FDA Managing Director C. Mike Doryen who himself vigorously led the fumigation exercises last week cautioned the employees to be increasingly observant at all times as regards the application of these rules and regulations which he said must not be breached by anyone adding “the safety of the nation begins with the safety one a single person.
Mr. Doryen said now is time we, as people and nation cleave together under firm unity banner and do all we can to ensure that the virus does not gain space in our land. He encouraged and praised the special seconded staff who are standing in the gaps of those who are on compulsory leave. He described their contribution in these critical times as a show of patriotism and nationalism.

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