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EU Delegation Visits CEMENCO

By Precious D. Freeman
The European Union (EU) Delegation led by its Ambassador yesterday paid a courtesy visit at the Somalia Drive facilities of the Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) in Monrovia.
The visit was intended to understand the logistical challenges, the types of business done at the corporation, the benefits of its technical investments, the environmental impacts and commitment, its sales and marketing strategy in Liberia as well as the investments made between 2019- present in Liberia, among others.
In a press conference held at the CEMENCO compound, the Managing Director for CEMENCO, William Ph. Gaignard explained that CEMENCO, one of the main suppliers of cement in the country, operates one grinding plant in Monrovia.
According to him, doing business in Liberia is very exciting because there are lots to do adding, “Even though we were faced with the crisis like the Ebola outbreak, our mission and vision are to make sure that in the next five years the whole country would get affordable cements.”
Mr. Gaignard stated that the company is also keeping its commitment that cement be sold at the same price in every part of Liberia, especially in the areas where a bag of cement is sold at high prices noting, “It is unacceptable that the price of cement is US$18 per bag. I want to make sure that all users will get access to the commodity so that it is purchased at an affordable price.”
The MD stated that if they want to develop each county based on the price of the amount of cement they have, they will have to continue paying their taxes which they always did and have to be fair on which type of developments will fit the business because the price of transporting cements to other counties is not reasonable.
He explained that the price of cement in Montserrado is quite satisfactory as compared to other counties like Lofa, Nimba and ‘far to reach counties’ because the roads are deplorable and impede the transportation of assorted commodities to reach every part of Liberia to enable customers have access to affordable price, is a challenge.
The Sales Manager for CEMENCO, Vivian Joe Saamoi, explained that the market has estimated five hundred thousand metro tons and above, but this year, it is 5% and their market share is 72% therefore, their market has been managed by distributors who are all Liberians.
She narrated further that they have their distributions done in channels which are from, CEMENCO to the distributor’s shops or containers to the retailers and onward to the final consumers, and though they also have their projected 8%, yet the challenges are in their potentials.
“We have signed a contract with a ship owner to have the cement accessible and available because of the inaccessibility of roads and we provide services in terms of delivery to the customers to get their shops stocks for the weekends,” she explained.
“In terms of the development for the eastern parts of the counties, we have started delivery and we have about 14 series of trucks that deliver cements but because of the limitations, we are only delivering to Montserrado and some parts of Buchanan and Ganta,” she clarified.
Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador said one of the purposes for their visit was to establish that the private sector be one of the stakeholders of developments within communities and with the governments, societies, donors and international partners.
“The second purpose of my visit here is to show the support of the European Union of my delegation and the EU Embassy’s support to accompany CEMENCO which plays a full part in the developments of the country, “he said.
He added that CEMENCO is a big employer and understands that about 4,000 families live out of the production and distribution of cements, adding, ” CEMENCO creates jobs as an international investor not only to supply, but to produce cement in Liberia rather than just importing it.”
“When you import, you create few jobs, but when you produce, you create many jobs and this is what International Partnership from a private company is all about,” he intimated.
He mentioned that International Partnership in Liberia is creating jobs and giving revenue to government and showing components of the developing policy of the cabinet of Liberia which should be protected, respected and heard.

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