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Dr. Cassell Vows Sustained Changes When Elected …Storms Kakata

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has presented a cheque of L$2 million to a local organization named and styled Progressive Women of Liberia.
At the program took place in Wennah’s Town, Telecom Community in Kakata over the weekend when the Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) presented a cheque to the group for the empowerment of widows, youths and marketers in Kakata, Margibi County.
Vowing to consistently engage and help address the mountainous challenges confronting Liberia and its citizens, the gesture from the Liberian humanitarian according to his team, comes in the wake of multiple requests made by the beneficiaries at a program marking the endorsement of his presidential ambition by that women group in the county.
The PLP was certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) as a full-fledged political party in Liberia on December 21, 2020 and its political leader is Dr. Cassell is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/President of the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation and the Kwenyah Security Firm in Liberia.
Dr. Cassell pointed out that the amount of L$500,000 would help the widows to engage into positive ventures to be able to provide their daily bread and cater to them and their respective family members and children, following the deaths of their husbands or loved ones.
He further set aside additional L$500,000 towards the education of the children of widows under the organization and noted that as a person who was raised by a widow following the death of his father when he was just eight years, he feels the sorrow and pains of the struggling Liberian widows who continue to battle against countless number of challenges in the society.

Dr. Cassell emphasized that the beneficiaries are members of the Liberian society that have been marginalized and discriminated for a prolong period of time in their own country.
He observed that despite the abundance of natural resources in Liberia, youths, women and marketers continue to experience severe hardship and difficulties due to the lack of empowerment opportunities to enable them realize their full potential.
He, however, reminded residents of Margibi about the numerous initiatives worth several thousand United States dollars, he has single-handedly undertaken in the county through his foundation.
Dr. Cassell named some of those initiatives as the construction of three bridges, market building, rehabilitation of several kilometers of farm-to-market roads, housing estate for low-income earners, a 650-acre farmland expected to employ over three hundred Liberians, the consistent sponsoring of the county’s teams during national county sports meet and other local soccer tournaments, among others in Marshall and Laykayta respectively.
“I want you people to understand that Dr. Cassell and the PLP is no stranger to Margibi County. We have made more impact in this county than any other counties across Liberia. The people of this county are good and talented and our goodwill is going to continue in Margibi County and all across Liberia.”
“I grew up as a fatherless child. There are different things in life that can make people to make or take certain decisions. All the groups that spoke here today asking for some kind of help are the groups that I am fighting for; they are the ones I considered the marginalized, disenfranchised and discriminated; they are the ones that people do not recognize. But base on my records and position, I am here to tell you that I will identify with each and every one of you.”
“I know the difficulties and challenges our mothers go through. It is not strange to me. Many days, I saw sorrow and tears in my mother eyes; many days there was time she even had to sell or go knocking on people doors to pay her children school fees,”
He added that Liberian women remain close to his heart and as such, he will continue to identify and empower them to become productive citizens in the future, adding that, “I will stand with you and I will help you.”
Dr. Cassell pointed out that out of the total amount given, less fortunate youths will also benefit L$500,000 to enable them acquire vocational skills to guarantee their future.
He indicated that youths are the future leaders of Liberia, and as such, it is important for them to be empowered if the nation is to move forward in terms of growth and development.
He observed that for too long, Liberian youths continue to struggle for opportunities to improve their wellbeing and living conditions in their motherland.
Dr. Cassell further allocated L$500,000 to teachers who continue to render sacrificial services in molding the minds of students at various schools in the county.
He said though teachers have done so much in educating and helping to reduce the high rate of illiteracy in Liberia, they have been devalued and overlooked for a prolong period of time in Liberia.
He added that teachers are most often given low compensations that cannot commensurate with the present harsh economic constraints and maintained that in most instances, teachers cannot even get those low compensations that they have worked for on time.
“When teachers are in a good state of mind, they will be able to assist our students to learn the right way possible to bring out the best in our children. I feel your pains and I have come to also identify with you the teachers.”
Dr. Cassell stressed that the Liberia’s education system will move from mess to best if the wellbeing of teachers is prioritized.
“These things that you have brought to my attention, I consider them as priorities. And under my leadership, you are going to see sustainable and genuine changes. To prove to you all that Dr. Cassell is ‘talk and do eagle’, I am going to do few things for you today”.
At the same time, Dr. Cassell has with immediate effect vow to ensure the construction of two hand pumps in the Wennah’s Town, Telecom Community which comprises of over 6,000 residents, including women and children, lacks access to safe drinking water and residents are compelled to trek long distances to fetch water for cooking, drinking and other purposes.
Dr. Cassell guaranteed the construction of the hand pumps following a passionate plea from the leadership of the community during the program.
Responding to the gesture, Madam Lillian Barnes commended Dr. Cassell for the gesture and disclosed that the decision taken by the group to endorse the presidential ambition of Dr. Cassell is due to the high level of compassion the PLP Vision Bearer has for his fellow mankind and the nation in general.
She observed that Dr. Cassell has been engaged into numerous humanitarian works across the country, prior to declaring his intention or establishing a political party in Liberia and pledged to mobilize across the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia to ensure the election of Dr. Cassell come 2023 general and presidential elections.

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