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‘Consider Me As Your Outside-Child’ …Weah Begs Lofians

By Alex Yomah
President George Weah has described himself as that outside child that makes the difference for the biological parents.
During one of his engagement meetings in Zorzor, Lofa County while on his fourth leg of his nation-wide visits in Lofa, the Liberian leader noted, “Sometimes what the biological child cannot do, the outside child can do it sufficiently for his/her biological parents.”
The Liberian leader along with his entourage was reportedly stunned by the rousing welcome amidst claims and counterclaims of protest, Weah then wheedled Lofians when he described himself as an “outside child” for Lofa County.
“We are here to tell you that our government is your government; we will do all that you asked us to do. Right after this trip, everything you asked for and everything we said we will do, we will do it for you. You see our team on the ground is working because we don’t have time; in these three years, we want to do something to impress you. When we say we will build roads, we will build and we are building your roads,” Weah promised.
Weah being cognizance of his dismal performance during both 2017 presidential and runoff elections, he then admonished the people of Lofa County to not reject their outside child, noting that no matter what happened, he is still their biological child whether born in wedlock or not.
“All politics is gone-it is now time to work as a government to do what we should do for you. We want to say to you that our government is your government. We will do all that you asked for- right after this trip. We have our technicians on ground and they will start working as we leave, we will build your roads, build your infrastructures including your hospitals,” Weah assured.
He added, “We do not have time. You can see that we are building your roads; breaking down your huts and replacing it with modern pro-poor housing units across Liberia and Lofa will benefit from it as well.”
He reiterated that gone are the days of being political and admonished all Lofa lawmakers to avoid politics and to work with the Executive so that together, Lofa County can once again be that “food –basket” thereby fixing the roads which he said, is the only hurdle undercutting the food basket.
“When we say, we will build hospitals we will- everything that we say, we do. Today, we have different type of people around this table today-including people with practical knowledge,” he said.
Statistics from the both 2017 and runoff elections which Weah won overwhelmingly showed that the people of Lofa rejected and therefor, the CDC-led government is doing all in its might to rekindle the relationship.
In an effort to pursue one of the vote’s rich counties in Liberia ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, President Weah also took with him for the first time, his Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.
Vice President Taylor whose has a Lineage from Lofa County, according to the media officer in her office, Solomon Wah, accepted President Weah’s invitation to accompany him in Lofa County where he perhaps has herculean task to perform.

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