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Conflict Smells
In Ruling Coalition
…As Morlu Vows To Correct The Wrongs

By Alex Yomah
Ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative election, the ruling Coalition is said to be losing members due to what seems to be an internal wrangling.
Though Chairperson Mulbah Morlu did not elucidate further on what was obtaining in his party, he maintained that there is no need for partisans to leave the party because of disagreements within in the party.
He noted that despite claims and counterclaims among partisans, he will not leave his party as he remains a member of the party and will help to correct the wrongs and added that even if he is removed from the Chairmanship, he will still not part ways with his party.
“Nobody or any problem will push me to leave my party,” he said and admonished the three political parties within the Coalition to tighten their respective bases ahead of the 2023 election.
However, this is the first time since the establishment of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) that its Chairperson, Mulbah Morlu, addressed a major press conference without the normal battle cries and motivational excitement by even its diehard supporters.
Assertion from within their circle that some officials of government are bent on undermining him as the party’s chairperson was corroborated by the conspicuous absence of some staunch party officials which testified to the report that Morlu is at the verge of being removed but he used the occasion to appeal to the partisans to let go and return to move the CDC agenda.
According to Morlu, some officials of the party who are working in government have been manipulated to undercut him and asked the partisans, especially those in counties, to disengage from their anger for the betterment of the party.
He admitted that the party made mistakes in the past and bragged that, there is no party that is mistake free or problem yet he alluded that with the mistakes made, the party is still progressing reiterating, “CDC has made some mistakes in the past but CDC is making progress.”
Morlu said the party needs to go all out in the counties and reawaken the party leadership beginning with the pending by-election scheduled to be conducted in four counties with the exception of Bomi where the party will not be fielding a candidate.

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