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Citizens Want Patriots Remembered Nationally

A group of locals calling themselves Citizens United Against Systematic Killing or CUASK want a national memorization for compatriots who died or are dying under mysterious circumstances in the country.
The group motto: “All Liberian Lives Matter” made up many Liberians from different background but notable among them is the leader of the People’s Liberation Party or PLP, Daniel Cassell, who paid tribute to fellow compatriots mainly those who died last year under mysterious circumstances.
With that, a service memorializing them was held on the spot where Albert Peters and Gifty Lama of the Liberia Revenue Authority or LRA were found dead on Friday, October 2, 2020 on Broad Street in central Monrovia.
The service was intended to reflect on the death of Albert Peters, Gifty Lama, George Fahnbutu, Emmanuel Nyeswa as well as those 3 boys who allegedly went missing in a river in Bong County when they were hired by one of the shareholders of Saint Moses Funeral Home in Gardnersville.
Speaking there, PLP’s leader told hundreds of mourners or empathizers during the service that it was time to reflect on others who also lost relatives and friends under similar circumstances in the country and to date, there has been no culprit.
He therefore called for a relentless investigation by the police or state security of these mysterious deaths in the country that could lead to the arrest of perhaps a suspect (s) to face justice for taking away innocent lives.
It can be recalled following these deaths last year that Cassell announced an US$5 million bounty to anyone who will provide information that could lead to the arrest of prime suspect (s) in the mysterious deaths of Albert Peters and Gifty Lama both of the Liberia Revenue Authority.
Since such reward was announced going to 2 years running now, nobody has ever come forward or provided information to the state security, mainly the police on the matter as investigation still continues.
The deceased, Albert Peters, a former Internal Auditor of the Liberia Revenue Authority; Gifty Lama, Research Analyst, Liberia Revenue Authority; George B. Fahnbutu, Revenue Auditor, Liberia Revenue Authority; and the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, all died within days of one another.

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