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China Donates COVID-19 Materials To GoL

By Alex Yomah
In continuation of China’s many support to the Liberian Government, on Friday provided additional Coronavirus related materials to Liberia Worth thousands of United States dollars.
China’s donation to Liberia is part of the existing bilateral ties between the Liberian Government and the People’s Republic of China of which Liberia has even since promised to uphold.
Turning over the items to the Foreign Ministry on Friday, June 12, 2020, Chinese Ambassador, Fu JIjun, said the items donated are part of China’s support towards the fight against Coronavirus.
Even though novel Coronavirus which is said to have affected the world emanated from Wahun, China, but the Chinese government has been able to contain the virus from ravaging.
Ambassador. Jijun told reporters in Monrovia that his country, through a Chinese company donated to the Liberian government many materials including, disinfection barrel and boxes of disinfectant solution.
The Ambassador indicated that items donated Friday include, Covid-19 nucleic Acid diagnostic Kit, medical protective face masks, surgical coverall, medical goggles, disposal nitrile among other items.
Receiving the items on behalf of Liberia , Foreign Minister Gbazohgar Findely appreciated the President and the people of China for their numerous aid to Liberia especially during the fight against the virus.
He said Liberia has gained more from China and assured the Chinese Government that the items donated will be used for the intended purpose.

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