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Chiefs Want Laws Enacted To Prosecute Witches, Others

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
Nimba County’s Traditional Chief Council Chairman, Peter Gbalun, is calling on lawmakers to enact laws that will prosecute anybody engaged in secret societies designed to kill innocent people through witchery in the country.
According to him, lack of written laws to prosecute people accused of being witches or wizards or those engaged in secret societies coupled with demonic activities has given births to mysterious deaths across the country.
Speaking to this paper in Gbedin Town in Garr Clan, Chief Elder Gbalun, frowned on lawmakers’ alleged refusal and delay to enact a law to deal with such people. “Whenever Presidential and Representative Elections draw closer in the country, all kinds of ritualistic killings abound,” the Traditional Chief Council Chairman Gbalun added.
He alleged that the perpetual mysterious deaths are beginning to get out of proportion in the nine electoral districts in Nimba County stressing that if nothing is done by the government to put in place stringent measures to deal with people engaged in the recruitment of little children for the practices of witchcraft and juju, mysterious deaths will undoubtedly become a monstrous and cancerous situation to contend with in the fifteen counties of Liberia.
Chairman Gbalun stated further that since the beginning of 2018, reports of recruitment of children for the deadly ‘snake society’ in Gblor clan region is creating serious fear among citizens in the district as mysterious deaths continue to be on the increase in several of the towns, villages in the Nimba lower belt in the county.
It can be recalled that Superintendent Zephnial Kpan arrested of over one hundred youths engaged in the practices of secret societies and recruitment of children in the district since he took office in 2018 as a Statutory Superintendent for the Zoe-Geh Administrative District in the county.

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