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Chie Shields Executive On Closures Of County’s CDF Accounts

By Alex Yomah
The Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate has seized a motion intended to demand the Ministry of Finance to revoke its mandate to the Internal Affairs Ministry under contempt penalty.
The Senate’s action was driven by the Ministry of Internal Affairs mandate to Superintendents to close all County’s Development Funds, Social Development Funds and move to the Central Bank.
“I move that Senate asks the Ministry of Finance to revoke its mandate because it is contrary to the budget law under penalty of contempt,” he stated.
However, Senator Sherman’s motion was sized by Senate Pro-temp so that such action to be convened in Executive session.
Scores of Senators in plenary were seen murmuring over the presiding action which they claimed is intended to shield the Executive after openly violating the budget law with motive.
Senators Prince Moye, James Biney, Sherman, Daniel Naateh and other, told plenary to act urgently before it gets late, indicating that there might be a motive behind the Executive’s action.
“The letter from the Internal Affairs to the county’s Superintendents to close all the commercial bank accounts and move to the Central Bank – this is troubling- because the budget law did not say you cannot open an account with the Central Bank- is it not prohibited,” Former Deputy Speaker, Prince Moye wondered .
The Senate’s action was provoked by its Chair on Internal Affairs communication, Senator Gble-bo Brown in which he said, Internal Affairs Ministry instructed County Superintendents to close all existing accounts being held with commercial banks. “The communication also directs all superintendents to move county accounts to the Central Bank of Liberia for the implementation of the county Development Funds as well as the Social Development funds,” the communication read.
According to the Senate Internal Affairs Chair, the Internal Affairs Ministry’s action was predicated on a communication under the signature of Comptroller General, Janga Kowo
“I would like to point out that opening and maintenance of county accounts at commercial banks was authorized by the budget law of Liberia for the smooth implementation of the county fund,” he said.
He added that section 9(a) of the Budget law states, “for the purpose of managing and controlling the County Development Fund and Social Development, each county shall establish and manage, at a local bank, a county Development account in the name of the county while Section 9 clearly spells out the criteria, modalities and controlled measures for the management and operations of the Count Development account.

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