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Keep Up The Good Work

IN KEEPING WITH the tradition of this paper, today we are bestowing honors on several individuals and institutions in the country for their worthwhile roles and activities in society during the course of the year under review. The decision of the staff were also based on entries from some members of the public.

FRANKLY, THE RECOGNITION of these individuals and institutions is in line with a tradition of the paper to ‘give flowers’ to those who exceptionally made tremendous strides towards the reconstruction, reconciliation, rehabilitation process as well as the sustenance of peace inspite of all the challenges. For us, we think these individuals and institutions have put national interest above all other interests.

OUR INITIATIVE IS in line with the philosophy that “it is necessary to give honor to whom honor is due to motivate others to render sacrificial services.” It is better to give people their flowers while they are alive to smell the aroma.

NONETHELESS, AS WE honor these individuals and institutions for their enormous hard work, dedication and commitment, lest we hasten to state that we will not hesitate to dishonor any of these individuals and institutions if they fail to live up to the task for which they have been scrupulously selected.

WE ARE GIVING out these awards because we feel that when honors are given people and institutions, it is reciprocally expected that they will go the extra mile to justify the confidence reposed in them. Additionally, this is intended to motivate them and others to do more to bring credit and progress to the institution that bestowed the honors.

BUT TO THE contrary, should these honorees engage in activities diametrically opposed to the objective of the honor, it will then become necessary to dishonor them to serve as a deterrence to others because as the saying goes, “to whom mush is given, mush is expected.”

AGAIN, WE CONGRATULATE those individuals and institutions as well as groups that are being honored today and hope that they will five up to the expectations so that others can emulate their good examples for the common good of society.
BRAVO HONOREES! KEEP up the good work, members of the society are keeping with an eagle eye on you, as a result of your selection among people and institutions that are honored for activities last year.

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