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Cassell Identifies Obstacles To Economic Growth, Development

The Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has identified the lack of adequate support to Liberians, particularly local farmers, marketers and youths as one of the contributing factors for the lack of improvements in the lives of citizens and the advancement of the Liberian society.
Dr. Cassell, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania, USA, a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LCADC) in New Jersey and the President/Founder of the Kwenyah Professional Health Services based in the United States.
He is also the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation, and the Kwenyan Security Firm in Liberia.
He observed that Liberia remains blessed with energetic and hardworking citizens who only need financial and logistical supports to empower themselves and help provide the basic needs of them and their respective family members.
He made these assertions when he was honored by the Franklin Kpokoloyah Alternative Education and Economic Empowerment Initiative for his immense contributions to the education of hundreds of Liberian students and assistance to the needy.
The program was held in Suacoco, Bong County over the weekend.
He maintained that for too long, promises made to improve the living conditions of Liberians and the provision of basic social services has not been actualized.
“I look around and see the people of Bong County-Suacoco in particular; I see nothing but energetic and hardworking people; I see nothing but people who want to help themselves and all they need is a little support”.
“I know that there are many that have told you all; there are many that have given you broken promises; I know that there are many that have left you along the way side-but I can assure you that through my foundation and the People’s Liberation Party (PLP)-we are here to work with the poor, the forgotten, the marginalized and the disenfranchised”.
Dr. Cassell pointed out that citizens will adequately contribute to the improvement of the country’s declining economy if they are extended substantial assistance.
He, however, said his decision taken to elevate the living status of citizens or provide them the necessary supports should not be misconstrued.
He added that for more than six years, his foundation has been “quietly” extending helping hands to needy Liberian citizens, nothing that, “we are doing this because, this is our biblical responsibilities”.
“This is what God asked us to do-to be a friend of the poor, less fortunate; and that’s exactly what we have been doing through Dr. Cassell’s Foundation”
Dr. Cassell, however, assured that his foundation will assiduously work to “edify” the lives of citizens.
He named agriculture, provision of scholarship opportunities, working with farmers, local organizations and others as means by which his foundation will help elevate the living standards of Liberians.
He further assured residents of Bong that both the PLP and his foundation wpuld immensely work with the people of Bong in a bid to ensure sustainable developments and empowerment.
“We love Bong County; Bong County is at our heart. We are going to create a base in Bong County; we are going to work with the people of Bong County. Your programs align with another big component of our foundation’s program which is also agriculture”.
Meanwhile, Dr. Cassell has underscored the need for elected, appointed government officials as well as all Liberians to cultivate the spirit of patriotism if Liberia and its citizens are to move forward.
He observed that the lack of patriotism among public officials and citizens is negatively contributing towards the backwardness of the nation and vast majority of its people.
He called on Liberians, including public officials to desist from dealing with one another or rendering assistance based on political affiliation.
Dr. Cassell emphasized that regardless of party lines; all Liberians must hold together and be their brother’s keeper in times of need and difficulties.
He noted that the wellbeing of the nation and its people must be prioritized over personal aggrandizement, or the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth.
“Forget about the party lines; we are all Liberians. If we say we are patriotic Liberians, than we should love our country and people first; we should put it above every party”.
For his part, PLP Chairman, Wilmot Paye, on behalf of his party, made a cash contribution of L$50,000 as initial contribution towards the group’s education empowerment program and a cartoon of copy books.
He urged residents not to forget the historicity of their county, particularly Suacoco, adding that, “this place (Suacoco) supposed to have a symbol that people will see and leaders of our country will respect”.
He added that though citizens of the area may not be respected by those in authorities the cultural heritage and historicity of Bong remains great.
Mr. Paye used the occasion to call for unity among citizens, particularly sons and daughters hailing from Bong.
He stressed that unity must be practical through the behavior, attitude, and conduct of every Liberian.
“What we need in our country is unity; it does not matter where you come from or where you find yourself. Unity covers all. I have to encourage us because; you cannot even achieve education or agriculture without unity”.
Mr. Paye, however, frowned at authorities for allegedly holding fabulous programs in the city in support of agriculture, when local farmers do not have farming tool to grow their crops and cater to their family members.
He went on: “I know sometimes we just limit these things to events. When people talk about agriculture you see them they organized one big program and city in the town and after that, that’s agriculture. Agriculture is not something that you can promote by words; it’s something that people can see. We should not disappoint our people. We shouldn’t lie to our people. Let’s be truthful to our people”.

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