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Can Indian Hold Two Passports ?

This paper has gathered that Paramijit K. Dhaliwal AKA (Marpu) admitted that she is a Liberian but is allegedly in the possession of two passports which an Indian citizen is not allow to possess.
During a local media interview, she recently stated that she is a Liberian and is entitled to own properties in Liberia.
Our investigation has obtained two separate passports from India and Liberia, stating that she was born in Punjab, India on the first of November 1971 and at the same time an Indian passport indicating the same date.
Her mother is referred to as Rajminder Kaur Dhaliwal (Indian National) and father Mohinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal (Indian National).
The constitution of Liberia clearly states that, one of the parents must be a Liberian at the time of birth but neither Rajminder K. Dhaliwal (Mother) or Mohinder P. Dhaliwal (father ) is a Liberian citizen nor a Liberian by blood.
Our continuous investigation into Marpu Dhaliwal’s nationality is currently wrapped in a deportation scheme for holding two different nationality passports in the USA and was reportedly deported to India in 1998.
Documents in the possession of this paper show that Marpu was allegedly deported from the United States of America in 1998 when she attempted to seek political asylum as a Liberian in 1997.
Our investigation has also discovered that the US government discovered fraud in her document and she was jailed for over 10 months at the Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey and, thereafter deported to her land of origin in India but reportedly escaped and returned to Liberia.
The Inquirer has further gathered that no Indian can obtain two passports. A copy of Marpu Mother’s Rajminder Dhaliwal’s Will, acknowledging Paramjit K. Dhaliwal (Marpu) as her daughter is published in our investigation, and her father (Mohinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal’s) Affidavit to the U.S Court verifying Paramjit Dhaliwal (Marpu) as his daughter and Rajmindeer Dhaliwal as his wife and the mother of his two children Paramjit Dhaliwal Alias Maru Dhaliwal and Hardeep Dhaliwal.
The investigation continues.

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