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Baptist Prelate In Nimba Warns Against Covid-19 Vaccine

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

The senior pastor of Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta City, Arthur Gboe-Wehyee, says the vaccine brought into the country by the government for the prevention of Covid-19 is unsafe.
According to the Baptist prelate, the vaccine is designed by the western countries to kill innocent people in order to decrease the human population of Africa.
Speaking to residents on a local radio station in the county, the Trumpet Baptist Church Senior pastor warned Africans to be careful with the Covid-19 vaccine that is produced by the western countries on ground that Bill Gates of the United States of America wrote and posted on the internet in which he stated that the vaccine is a designed strategy to reduce human population in Africa because Africa is not contributing to the economy of the world.
Rev. Gboe-Wehyee is a senior member of the Ganta Christian Community (GCC) whose church is among churches that boast about having the highest number of congregational members as it is also operating a faith-base senior high school in the Ganta bain-Garr Schools District.
However, according to the clergy, the only way to know that the vaccine is free, except government officials let cabinet ministers, Representatives, senators, Vice President, Speaker including the Health Minister be the first to get the first dose of the COVID 19 vaccines because they know where the vaccines are coming from to Liberia.
Rev. Gboe-wehyee said Covid-19 vaccine should be presumed unsafe until African medical doctors around the world declare the vaccine safe for Africans perceving that, “We the people of Africa are poor but being poor does not mean that we are stupid people to continue to be fooled by producing Covid-19 vaccines to test it in Africa just to eliminate the people of Africa.’
The Trumpet Baptist Church senior pastor Arthur Gboe-wehyee has vowed to campaign vigorously against government to make sure that no citizen takes the Covid-19 vaccine in the country until is proven by the Afrcan Doctors around the world.
Rev. Gboe-wehyee has warned that African countries take the Zambian medical doctor, Never Moonbi’s article written on the internet on May 20, 2020 seriously.
Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer of Liberia, Dr. Francis Kateh, has categorically frowned at the Trumpet Baptist Church Senior pastor’s perception which according to him, poisons the mind of the citizens and undermines the effort of the government.
The Deputy Minister of Health assured that before the vaccine was brought to Liberia, the WHO as well as the UN bodies approved it in order to prevent the spread of the disease that has saturated in the world.
Dr. Kateh warned those referring to themselves as Christ’s ambassadors to pray for the nation rather than poisoning the minds of the citizen and allow them go against what is good for themselves as well as the entire country.
Dr. Kateh assured that besides the ordinary citizen, government officials including all ministers and local authorities within the 15 counties will take the vaccines respectively.

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