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AMEZU Proposes Civil Action For Martin Kollie …Apologizes To Prof. Wallace, Others

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) has apologized to one of its lecturers, Isaac T. Wallace and the Chief of Protocol of the Ministry of State, Finda Nora Bundoo, for defaming their character.
The apology is in response to the University’s inquiry committee’s report which exonerated Wallace who is also the Chairperson of its Department of Public Administration together with the management of the Business College of allegedly receiving from Ms. Bundoo and others some US$ 6,000 in bribes of wrongdoing.
In a single paged three paragraphs letter dated Friday, March 12, under the signature of AMEZU’s President, Dr. Benjamin D. Lartey, it stated, “We wish to serve you a copy of the report from the Special Inquiry Committee Ref: Allegation of Academic Fraud and Bribery at the African Methodist Zion University (AMEZU) involving Finda Nora Bundoo, Isaac T. Wallace and others.”
The communication outlined in the report amongst other thematic areas, the inquiry process, findings, recommendations as well as documentary exhibits and interviews which led to their decision.
It continued: “We wish to inform you that the investigation did not find you guilty of any acts as alleged by Martin K. N. Kollie, and has recommended that the University files a civil action against Kollie for compensation, reparation and indemnification of its image slandered and maligned by the posting of false and misleading information by Kollie against the University.”
The University apologized for what it terms as “Any embarrassment caused you and family.”
On Friday, July 3, 2020, self-imposed exiled Liberian Kollie accused Ms. Bundoo in his Facebook post of allegedly bribing lecturer Wallace with US$6,000 to award her a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from the AMEZU during its 2020 December graduation exercise which was postponed to March, 2021.
The AMEZU administration then set-up a 3-member team to look into the matter based upon which Wallace was suspended from his position as Chairman of the Department until the outcome of findings and recommendations from the investigation.
But following its four months of investigation, the Special Inquiry Committee (SIC) on November, 19 2020, submitted a well detailed report in which it proved that all those accused as well as the accuser were contacted to furnish the committee with any “convincing evidence” to exonerate them or substantiate his claims. The report was forwarded to the AMEZU’s president, Dr. Lartey and others for their action.
However, after thoroughly reading the report, the University realized that it was misled by Kollie for which the team is recommending a civil action against him and is demanding for compensation, reparation and indemnification of image for “slandered and maligned of false and misleading information” against the University.

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