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A Public Expression Of Thanks And Appreciation

The Family of the Late Mrs. Elizabeth Demu Iewis Gaye, seizes this public space through Amb. ClIr. Lois Cheche Lewis Brutus, Sister of the deceased to express publicly their sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who took time off their daily/busy schedules to join others in saying the last farewell to my Sister on the 22 of October 2020.

In this regard special thanks and recognition is hereby extended to “TEAM CLARA DOE MVOGO” who actually volunteered their highly professional services in organizing, coordinating and executing to the letter all of the arrangements which culminated into a spiritual and exceptional “Home Going” for my late Sister, Mrs. Gaye, commonly referred to in the Rehab Community as “MAMIE”. These amazing and loving individuals now considered as my “Family” include but not limited to:

  1. Her Lordship, Madam Clara Doe Mvogo — Former Mayor of Monrovia
  2. Mr. William S. Y. Tamba — Coordinator OCAM
  3. Madam Sartah Dempster
  4. Madam Wessa Dennis
  5. Mrs. Fannie Cole Weefur
  6. Mr. William Bryant
  7. ClIr. Margret Ansumanah
  8. Cllr. Deweh Gray
  9. ClIr. Zeor Daylue-Bernard
  10. Mr. Stephen A. Wright
  11. Dr. Lawrence Sherman
  12. Dr. Richard Doe

“TEAM CLARA DOE MVOGO”, I hereby declare, you Guys, “The BEST” and may God continue to bless the works of your hands, through your exceptional expressions of love, kindness and commitment to others.

To the organization for Children and Adolescent Mothers (OCAM) – the results of our works reached international dimension and the Children under your protection since the 1980’s bear testimony to our commitment of love and the pursuit for protection for those in need. We will continue with our work.

To AFELL, a legacy, non-political and non-denominational NGO, your messages of comfort and affection were highly appreciated.

The grand breaking initiative for the scholarship drive by our most distinguished Hon. Mrs. Olubanke King Akerele, former Minister of Foreign Affairs stands as a momentous event during the funeral service and will be pursued. Let us all contribute to this relevant initiative.

In closing, on behalf of my Family I wish to state that the collective kindness and love shown to us will remain indelible in the annals of our history and we will stay grateful by God’s Grace.

May God bless us all!

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