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MICAT, Partners Validate Investment Guide

The Ministry Of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) has validated the Tourism Investment Guide and Brochure aimed at improving the industry.
In a workshop yesterday at the National Mesuem, MICAT jointly with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) with support from the African Development Bank gathered stakeholders in the tourism industry to comprehensively look at the National Guide and Brochure on Tourism.
The Guide, according to MICAT, is intended to guide the sector of Liberia and rally support for its development through the promotion of the major attractive and historical centers.
Prince Jaiblai, the consultant of the workshop, told the participants that the country is a blessed nation in terms of attractive touring to be entagled with the level of under-development.
Jaiblai explained further that Liberia’s most magnificent sites are historical and of interest to people touring the world but the challenges in showcasing them remain major problem.
He referenced the Liberian culture noting that it is a distant style that the western world could be more interested in following only if Liberians themselves add the deserved values that are needed.
He however cautioned the country to take advantage of the tourism industry and have it opened to the outside world so as to attract investors to help move the country to another level.
“If you invest one billion in Ducor Palace Hotel or Hotel Africa, you will not lose because they are attractive to visitors,” he added.
He then lauded the operators of major hotels across Liberia calling on the government to see the establishment of national theatres, recreational centers and many other sites like the Kpatawee Waterfall in Bong County, the Blue Lake in Bomi County, the Lake Taleh in Nimba County as well as other tourist sites as a point of focus in allotting a budget to invest.
“If we can invest in our tourism space, Liberia will be a place that people will leave their countries and come to on vacation,” he explained.
Jaiblai mentioned that the National Investment Guide will be able to help the tourism community of Liberia in order to have it presentable to impact the lives of Liberians and create some level of economic development.
Speaking earlier, the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Cultural Affairs at MICAT Lance Gbagonyon revealed that the Ministry is working on having many things in place for the tourism sector as they gear towards the celebration of the Bicentennial events.
According to him,with the Guide being put into action MICAT will engage international diplomats at roundtable meetings on the improvement of the industry.
He then called on well meaning Liberians to take advantage of contributing to their own country so that the issues in the industry can be resolved.

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