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“Your Talents Are Unimaginable”
…Minister Diggs Praises Liberian Artists

Commerce and Industry Minister, Mawine G. Diggs, has hailed Liberian artists for bearing what she described as multiple talents that are marketable and unimaginable.
Madam Diggs said Liberians are a special kind of people who are endowed with useful gifts that are of great value.
She said the Ministry of Commerce and Industry would work along with local artists in addressing factors that undermine their works.
According to a Commerce Ministry release, Madam Diggs made reference to intellectual property piracy, as well as other challenges that are causing local artists not to actually benefit from their labor.
Madam Diggs was speaking recently when members of the Cultural Union of Liberia paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.
The group had gone to recognize Minister Diggs for efforts being made by her office since taking over the affairs of the Ministry to address challenges that are undermining the talents local artists.
The release quotes Minister Diggs as calling on members of the Cultural Union of Liberia in particular, and Liberians in general to always cherish the rich cultural heritage of dear country and learn from others in the West African Sub-region who are proud of their respective cultures.
The Commerce and Industry Minister made reference to Nigerians and Ghanaians, among others. “See how they sing, cherish their culture and how proudly they speak their dialect,” observed Madam Diggs during the program.
She also called on fellow Liberians to promote made in Liberia products as a means of empowering local artists and others to ensure growth and improvement.
Minister Diggs said Liberia has a lot to offer to the world, adding that when people speak about Liberia’s rich culture, it is not just about an individual’s tribe, but the food, the clothes and songs. She commended the Cultural Union of Liberia for the courtesy visit and assured the group of her commitment to always work along with them.
Speaking earlier, the head of the Cultural Union of Liberia, Kerkula Kamara, said they decided to pay the courtesy visit to Minister Diggs in recognition of her efforts to address challenges affecting Liberian artists. “Since you took over the affairs of the Commerce Ministry, we continue to see the good work you are doing and we are proud of you,” said Mr. Kamara.
Mr. Kamara, popularly known as “Balawal Malawal” however called for continued efforts in combating piracy in Liberia.
He said Liberia is losing over USD$4m annually as a result of the duplication of the works of Liberian artists.
He also observed that such a huge amount could contribute to national revenue and equally help improve the lives of Liberian artists and their families, if piracy is brought to a halt through collaboration.
He said Liberian artists are proud because someone of their kind is now the Chief Executive of Liberia, a clear reference to President George M. Weah.
During the program, members of the Cultural Union of Liberia trailed the honoree and members of the Commerce Ministry’s Senior Management Team with rich traditional Liberian songs, supporting such with their usual gymnastics on the stage, thereby attracting rounds of applause, as Minister Diggs shook her head in the affirmative, to the harmony of the sweet songs and the direction of the drums and “Sasa.”

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