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Women Hold Dialog On Empowerment, Equity

By Precious D. Freeman
A group under the banner, ‘The Able Body Women Organization’ has ended a day-long workshop on the importance of women in the society over the weekend.
The workshop which took place in the Worto Town Community in Monrovia brought together widows, business women, officials of government, among others.
Giving the overview, the group’s Coordinator, Yornie Cooper, explained that the organization came into existence since 12 years ago with the aim of promoting women so that they are able to achieve their goals.
According to her, the organization which is involved with only women’s work is focused on gender equality/inclusion in Liberia’s politics, the creation of the Liberia civil society organization’s nation directory, women’s economic empowerment programs, women’s interactive forums, national campaign sports training, women overcoming starvation, among others.
Madam Cooper added that they will not get tired because every day there are new ideas about women’s issues and stated that they will no longer discuss important issues concerning women under the palaver huts because women are still facing lots of equality and equity issues.
She assured that they will always be their women’s keeper because women are destiny helpers; adding that it does not have to be their relatives or sisters; as long as the person is a female, it is the responsibility of the organization to go to their aide.
According to one of the facilitators, the Executive Director for Impact Institute, Rudy Bropleh, women can be effective when empowered and urged the women to make sure they are successful in whatever they do.
He mentioned that if women tried once and things are not still working they should keep trying in order to reach a goal and at the same time demand respect in the society adding that the effectiveness of women matters most.
Dr. Bropleh stated that women should be involved in the rules of empowerment which include, knowing what you want, knowing what you have, do not despise your humble beginnings, start with what you have, never say I can’t but keep trying, among others.
Also serving as the second facilitator, the Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Gender and Children Protection, Parleh D. Harris added that women need to be in control and in charge of themselves.
Speaking on self-empowerment, Min. Harris said a woman needs to take control of her own life and must not allow any friend to force her into something that does not represent herself or something that would spoil her reputation.
“As a women, you should have your own choices and know what you want; set goals for yourselves and do not be carried away by friends’ properties,” she advised.
She explained that women need to believe in themselves and that they should also know where to find their strength and learn from their mistakes because by doing that, they will not be deprived of their rights.
The National President for ECOWAS Women and Youth Wings (Citizen Union) Mariama B. Sherriff, spoke on realizing challenges and further advised the women to challenge whosoever that challenges them.
According to Madam Sherriff who explained all her challenges she encountered during the War, she stated that the challenges women are faced with in their day to day activities are the problems of having their voices heard in the society.
She explained that men take themselves as the ruler expect women to be their slaves and that they are to make decisions for the women but in the 21st century, women are becoming ministers and great personalities in the country.

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