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Women Of Substance Donates To 14-Military Hospital

By Alex Yomah
Amid threats by healthcare workers at the 14-Military Hospital to stage a peaceful protest in demand of their April and May salaries coupled with their hazard benefits owed them by health authority, came to an end due to a Us-based women group’s financial intervention on Friday.
The health and casual workers deployed at the 14-Military Hospital catering to Coronavirus patients are said to be dissatisfied and have threatened protest action against government.
The health workers, who spoke with this paper on account of anonymity, confirmed the ill-treatment meted out to them by government.
“Mr. journalist, this is a complete cruelty and ingratitude to us the health workers who are putting our necks on the lines for Liberia. Gov’t is already paying us peanuts and owes us two months salaries coupled with our hazard benefits,” a high ranking officer hinted.
Health authority is yet to officially respond despite efforts being exerted to authenticate.
Representing the Us-Based Women driven group named and styled “Women of Substance of Delaware Valley Inc.” the group in Liberia, Mrs. Deddeh J. Singbeh indicated that at the 14-Military Hospital, handed over L$400,000 or U$2,000 intended to provide transportation for nurses and doctors with a passionate plea to keep pursuing government for salary-payment.
The charitable group believes that if the health workers are not satisfied, it has the tendency to undercut the fight against the virus.
The US-based charitable Organization explained that the money given to the nurses and Doctors was collected from each member after hearing about the plights of the nurses and doctors recently in the media.
“This is not much for your salary but it is a demonstration that we in the Americas are concerned about you guys. This is an initial support,” Mrs. Singbeh said.
Women of Substance of Delaware Valley Inc. is a registered entity under the banner of the law and State of Pennsylvania since April 18, 2015.
Its function is squarely intended to integrate other strong women who share the same vision, impact their community through education, inspiration and encourage them to pursue positive goals.
In an appreciation remark, Dr. Jerry Brown, head of the 14-Military Hospital medical team, expressed thanks and appreciations on behalf of the recipients.
“Today, you have joined goodwill people who see that nurses doing some front-line jobs in sacrificing their times in making sure that nurses given the kind of pleasure that the team deserves ” he said.

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