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Woman Abandons Sick Child

By Zogbo Mulbah (Internews Intern)
A lady believed to be in her early 40s over the weekend abandoned her biological child with his father due to what was termed as the child’s constant sickness.
Unconfirmed reports have it that an unidentified lady who lives in the Soul Clinic community had a year old child abandoned because of confusion which erupted between them, thereby causing their baby to become malnourished.
According to eye- witnesses, the child was left home by the mother and moved into another community because she said the child’s father was having extra marital affairs outside the marriage.
Eye-witnesses further stated that the abandoned child was left alone with his father who could not provide proper care for him which worsened the malnutrition of the child. “The father of the child will wake up in the morning and go leaving the sick child with one of the residents in the community without money to buy medication for the child,” one eyewitness stated.
Another resident within the community said that the child is only living at the mercy of God, because the child is not receiving the proper care he deserves.
According to further reports from some residents, when the child’s mother left him about a month, a philanthropic woman took the sick child to the hospital for medical attention, but the woman was not financially strong to pay for the required treatment, while the father of the child could hardly provide money to treat the child.
A Good Samaritan whose name was not mentioned said that she knows what it takes to bear pain for nine months and for a heartless mother of a child to do such an act. “No matter the circumstances; value your children always and protect them,” she intimated.

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