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Widow Accuses NEC Boss Of Property Theft

A widow is accusing the National Elections Commission Boss, Davidetta Browne-Lansanah of reportedly encroaching on a land given to her by the National Housing Authority.

A parcel of land not equated to a half lot situated in the New Matadi Community is allegedly being claimed by the NEC boss depriving the widow and her children in community access to their property.

In an exclusive interview with this paper, Mulinda Mulbah, reported that she purchased the property in question in 2011 from the National Housing Authority thereby giving her ownership to the parcel of land.

She said the NHA after receiving payments for the property issued her all necessary receipts but failed to produce the official deed even though all payments were made.

According to Madam Mulbah, the NEC boss has been claiming ownership of the property which she (Mulbah) paid for long ago but had not been able to acquire an official deed from the housing authority.

“I paid for that land which is not even a half lot in the New Matadi area since 2011 when Madam Davidetta Browne-Lansanah was nowhere but the National Housing Authority did not give me the deeds to my property. The NEC boss is gradually racking the land,” she lamented.

In a document presented to this paper, the National Housing Authority conducted an investigative survey on the property in October of 2011 denying one Ida Wilson who earlier claimed to have gotten the land from the NHA.

Accordingly, after her denial, Wilson then proceeded by selling the land to the current NEC boss, a situation that had since caused Madam Mulbah and her family to live in threat.

Mulinda disclosed that the Madam Browne-Lansanah has continuously engaged her with intimidations to vacate the property after she (Mulinda) started calling the public attention to the crisis ongoing between them.

“When I started going around with this information to save my property which caused my children not to be in school for more than one year, Davidetta Browne begin haunting me saying why I had to take her name to radio station,” she added.

Several communications in this paper’s possession were written to Managing Directors of the National Housing Authority by Mulbah requesting the property’s deed dating back as far as 2017.

In 2021, a lawsuit was filed against the NHA in connection with the parcel of land and a writ was issued to the management but since the sheriff’s return, the NHA is yet to appear before the Civil Law Court in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, Madam Mulbah is calling on the government of Liberia and other well-meaning Liberians to intervene in the matter as the property in question is her only hope and any attempt to let go of it would mean the worse for her family.

She said, “Let Davidetta Browne leave my land that Cecelia Cuffey Browne give her for no reason. That’s all I have for my family and I, so if the NEC boss who have money takes it from me, I will have nothing to hold on to.”  

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