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Who’s Who For Unity Party Chairmanship – As Big Names Highlighted

As the upcoming mini-convention for the election of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) National Chairmanship, several names over the past weeks have been heard in the country’s political corridor, in order to find out as to who’s who in this race, a team of GNN-Liberia reporters over the past weeks have been finding out whose the ‘Political Cap’ fit.
According to our investigation, several members of the Party including Senator Conmany Wesseh of Rivergee County whose prior to his membership with the Unity Party was a member of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA); he is also a close friend of the Party Standard Bearer emeritus, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
According to information gathered by our staff, Senator Wesseh’s chances to capture the chairmanship of the former ruling Unity Party made properly be relied on the very closed relationship between him and the Party’s political leader emeritus, while perhaps his preferment will be hitched from the end of the current political leader of the Party and former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai.
According to information, Senator Wesseh was sidelined during the 2017 campaign trail on grounds that he was being suspected of been an ‘under covered’ agent for the former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and a collaborator of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), which he reportedly led him not to play any active role for the Joseph Boakai
In counter reaction, of their suspected roles, the party reportedly accused them and the Standard Bearer emeritus, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of being the chief architect of the party’s defeat in the 2017 general elections, and subsequently led to their expulsion a decision that was equally challenged in court, which was lately resolved between the parties involved through the withdrawal of the case from the court by the legal team of the party.
Others expected to be in the queue for the Unity Party Chairmanship Roll call include: Ceebee C.D. Barshell; Montserrado County District # 3 Representative on the ticket of the Unity Party (UP) , an educator, and Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the Barshell University, who is also believed to be one of the strongest advocates in the Unity Party, considered as of those who always speaking on critical issues that propel the Country above the party, and party above individual.
According to our investigation, Barshell has been an affiliate of the ruling CDC during his pre-election-campaign year. But soon ascended to the party top seat in the district, when its sitting lawmaker, Bill Twehway resigned from the party, Barshell was leveraged for the party candidacy as others described him as a new face in the party.
Some believed he is an administrator, and not politician, but noting that his underlining path of the rebranding or transforming of his district could culminate to what the public described as a real success story for his election as the National Chairman of the Unity Party. Also information gathered has revealed that over 37 coordinators of the Unity Party from various Districts in Montserrado County, and beyond have resolved to petition this new face lawmaker.
Being a new or youthful brand in the Liberian political arena, some partisans of the Unity Party who spoke to the GNN expressed explicit confidence in his leadership, and further opt for him to be the preferred choice of the Party in the upcoming of the Party’s mini-convention.
Also expected to be in the race is the current Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative, who is representing the people of Bong County District #2; he is the member of the Unity Party; his quest for the chairmanship of the Party seems to be the other way around, as his supporters who are also opting for his ascending to the senatorial position which he has expressed interest to be is said to be in in full swing.
Representatives, Prince K, Moye’s quest is high, according to a member of his team, declaring that he will be the National Chairman during the Unity Party Mini-convention scheduled to take place in mid August, 2020 provided this nightmare of the COVID-19 pandemic is brought to an end.
For his part, Nimba County District 7 Representative, Worlea Saywah Dunah’s hope is very high of becoming National Chairman of the Party, despite rumor that he is on the pay roll of the National Port of Authority (NPA) as consultant, his quest for becoming National Chairman of the Party is high, and further vowed of capturing the chairmanship of the Party during its coming convention.
For businessman Amin Modad, he is ready to take the Chairmanship of the Party; hoping to gain his status with the Party through the political leader of the Party, Joseph N. Boakai who is believed to be his uncle, however, it has not been confirmed as to the facts surrounding his relationship of the Party political leader.
Modad who is the Chief Executive Officer of the MI Group, a 100% Liberian owned business establishment is resolute of becoming the Party’s Chairman, having been a strong supporter of the Party over the years, has suffered a setback from the ruling CDC government downplaying using his facilities.
Another in the race is George Wisner, former Director of the National Investment Commission (NIC), an administrator who has vast experience in several disciplines, and a bureaucrat who is to juxtapose is also gathering whose chances will be slim, despite being a young promising Liberian.

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