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Who’s Buying Voters’ Cards In Nimba?

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

Media allegation of voters’ cards sales, in the wake of the elections results, is creating confusion among the residents of Nimba County.

Oldman Peter Weamie, a concerned resident in Ganta, is calling on the government to independently investigate the allegation, adding, “We really want to know who is buying these voter cards and for what purpose.”

Another marketer, Martha Fahn, explained that whether it is the truth or a rumor, buying of voter cards is worrisome and needs immediate investigation by the security, in order to create a free level playing field for the run-off.

Speaking on Voice of Nimba, UP’s campaign chairperson, Dorr Cooper, accused the ruling party’s supporters of being behind the act designed to reduce UP’s vote in the pending run-off in Nimba County.

“These acts are designed to reduce Unity Party’s vote in all the vote-rich counties and we will resist such,” Cooper alarmed.

Since the end of the October 10 Presidential and Representative Elections, reports of alleged purchasing of voters’ cards by some political parties’ supporters continue to emerge from the various electoral districts.

The Unity Party’s supporters, partisans, and sympathizers, have been providing education for the expected run-off and are calling on the public to alert the police on anybody found buying voter cards.

Meanwhile, there has been no official statement or rebuttal from the government of the ruling CDC on the matter, but as it stands, the allegation is far-fetched and might likely be rated as another false alarm.

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