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Who Carried Out shooting At Yekeh’s Home

By Bill W. Cooper
The home of Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, on the Old Road, was yesterday a scene of sporadic shootings allegedly by some officers of the Liberia National Police.
The reported shooting by the LNP came as a result of an allegation that Rep. Kolubah was protecting or hiding in his compound some unknown individuals who allegedly had machetes and had attacked one Kollie who is said to be in serious dispute with Rep. Kolubah over a parcel of land on the Old Road.
Yesterday’s attack on the home of Rep. Kolubah has added to the many attacks that the District #10 lawmaker has received. Recently, at his home on Sunday, September 27, he came under serious attack by some unknown thugs which resulted into damaging of several properties and the looting of Rep. Kolubah’s laptop and other valuable materials.
Some residents spoken to explained that the alleged attitude exhibited by some officers of the LNP at the home of Rep. Kolubah yesterday morning was an affront to them as residents of the Old Road community, noting that several of them were made to close down their businesses, while normal activities within the district came to a standstill for nearly three hours.
The aggrieved residents further stated that the decision by the LNP officers to release fire arms among peaceful residents in the vicinity of the home of Rep. Kolubah and failing to arrest those who according to them who had machetes in the District, is rather unfortunately and as such, said officers should be dismissed and be made to face the full weight of the law.
Explaining her ordeal, a business women, Nancy Cole decried the government for the continuous harassment and intimidation meted against their District lawmaker in recent times, describing the act as unfortunate, emphasizing, “It’s very disappointing to see a sitting government keep harassing and intimidating one person for their stance on national issues. Enough is enough. We are very tired of this; we need to sell and our children need to go to school; leave our lawmaker alone.”
Speaking to a team of reporters at the calm of the situation, Rep. Kolubah stated that prior to the arrival of the LNP officers, he earlier received a call from an officer within the LNP, advising him to leave his yard on grounds that the government had sent the famous Sabu Unit crew and some LNP officers by direct order of key government officials to have him arrested and subsequently assassinate him for his critical stance against the government and the Presidency.
According to him, to his utmost dismay, after receiving the call, he then saw members of the Sabu Unit chanting slogans, and indicated that it was at which time the LNP abruptly came and started discharging fire arms among his constituents who had gone to speak to him at his house and said; though no one was killed but his personal security guard was wounded, arrested and he is currently in the custody of the LNP.
Rep. Kolubah who was also seen with some gunshot shells further stated, “As you can see, this is not my making and this is the empty gunshot shells from our ‘reckless’ LNP attitudes this morning against me and my people under the pretense of arresting perpetrators who they believed were in my place.”
“As we speak, this CDC police even brutalized and arrested one of my personal securities. This is too much and I will from now protect myself through whatsoever means possible. Any police officers entering my home or jumping over my fence, I will kill them. If protecting myself means for me to kill, I will kill them, and I have no regrets for my statements, and if I have to take my statement back, I will be in my grave,” he stressed.
But speaking to journalists during the incident, Police Spokesperson, Moses Carter said that the presence of some officers from the LNP at the home of Rep. Kolubah was only intended to provide security to the lawmaker having received information of violence that ensued within his District by some unknown thugs.
Mr. Carter further stated that not a single LNP officer was on the scene during the attacks or ever released fire arms or shot any gun among residents at the home of Rep. Kolubah contrary to claims by the District lawmaker and his constituents, stressing, “Let me make this Crystal clear, the LNP officers only used less force to disburse the crowd and did not shoot any gun yesterday morning.”

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