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Wheel Chair Basketball Federation
Dedicates 1st Open-Air Court

Liberia’s Wheel Chair Basketball Federation with support from the Chinese Government has constructed the first ever open-air wheel chair basketball court in the history of the country, and the construction of the court ended the controversy of the people with disability being provoked from using other facilities.
Following the completion of the US$ 1, 000 project, it was officially dedicated recently and is located at the famous SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville.
Speaking during the ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Ren Yisheng boasted of the numerous projects undertaken by the People’s Republic of China in Liberia.
Ambassador Yisheng believes that with the relationship between the two nations, China will continue to play her friendly part to ensure that Liberia realizes the friendship stressing, “We don’t regret doing this for people living with disability in Liberia because in China, we have up to 85 million disables, and you just think about it.”
The president and founder of the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation, Ambassador Lionel Johnson, highlighted that he is the happiest man in Liberia now, adding that, to see a court built for his fellow disabled is something beyond his imagination.
According to him, the federation will conduct its first nation league with six clubs because of the well-prepared facilities.
“I must be thankful to the People’s Republic of China through their Embassy in Liberia and the government of Liberia for its continuous support towards our federation,” Johnson stated.
“As you can see, we have a brand facility to peacefully conduct all of our activities here which makes me very much happy for the Liberia Wheel Chair Basketball Federation,” the president mentioned.
Meanwhile, the Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson has stated that the government will not provide funding for the Federation but will subside.
“We will play our part as a government but remember, we can’t do everything for all of the Federations and associations,” he said.

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