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UL Fully Accredited To Offer Midwifery Program

By Precious D. Freeman

The University of Liberia College of Health Sciences (ULCHS) has received full accreditation from the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery (LBNM) to offer direct entry to BSC in Midwifery.

The decision was announced by LBNM authorities on April, 17, 2023 through a letter addressed to the vice president of ULCHS, Bernice T. Dahn.

It was also authorized by LBNM chairperson, Humphrey Gibbs Loweal and the Registrar Executive Secretary, Cecelia C. Kpangbala-Flomo, which stated that ULCHS had met 92 percent of the total standards and verification criteria, resulting in full accreditation.

The LBNM authorities termed the achievement as a commendable accomplishment, adding that a school must meet 80 percent or above of the achievement standards to achieve full accreditation and recognition status.

Having completed the required standards for accreditation, LBNM has granted ULCHS all honors, rights, privileges, and obligations to function as an accredited Basic Midwifery Program to offer Direct Entry BSC for three years starting from April 17, 2023, to April 17, 2026.

ULCHS is required to sustain and improve standards achieved while rectifying any missed verification criteria. LBNM will conduct Quality Assurance (QA) assessment in the first two years of ULCHS’ operation, adding classroom standards that could not be assessed once the institution has students.

LBNM requires that all midwifery students be indexed in the first 60 days of admission using the LBNM indexing portal. Each student receives a Clinical Logbook after the successful and timely completion of the indexing process.

Additionally, ULCHS is required to share with LBNM the full name, license, number, email, and cell number of the head of the Midwifery Program.

ULCHS compliance with LBNM educational standards on Clinical instruction and practice (Clinical Training Resources and Placement), Institution infrastructure and training materials (physical facilities and educators’ faculties) and Institution Management (Governance Program evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement).

On February 23, 2023, a team from LBNM visited ULCHS to conduct an accreditation assessment for the proposed midwifery program.

ULCHS administration met with LBNM assessment team to discuss the processes involved with the accreditation assessment proceedings and Dr. Dahn welcomed the assessment team with assurance of her staff’s commitment to the process.

ULCHS’s full accreditation to offer a Basic Midwifery Program by LBNM is a significant achievement, marking a new milestone for the institution.

With this accreditation, ULCHS is empowered to provide quality education in midwifery while maintaining the high standards required by LBNM.

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