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What’s Hampering CICO’s Road Construction In Nimba?

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Report emanating from in Yarsonnon Town in District 8, in Nimba says China Chongquing International Construction Cooperation (CICO) has parked all of its yellow machines with immediate effect.
According to the workers, CICO is demanding the Government of Liberia payment of phase one of the contract in accordance to their contractual agreement signed with the company.
CICO’s earth-moving equipment operators who were working between CMC, building bridges deserted their area of assignment and are back on base at the company’s camp in Yarsonnon waiting to hear from the Chinese management to resume the work.
Speaking to this paper in Yarsonnon Town, workers explained that CICO’s management informed them on Friday February 10, 2023 to stop all activities leading to building of the road until they get green light from the government concerning payment.
The alleged action by the Chinese to immediately halt activities leading to the 39 Kilometer presidential project is raising concern among the residents in the county, but local authorities remain tight-lipped in releasing the information.
The Ganta-Saclepea 39-kilometer Road is among key presidential campaign projects sponsored by the CDC led government in the country.
During a normal routine traveling from Ganta to the company’s operation site in Yarsonnon Town in Electoral District 8, many of the yellow machine operators, workers, contractors, building bridges along the road around the CMC Junction going toward Flompa are all back on base to Yarsonnon in demand of payment from the government.
When this paper contacted CICO’s Human Resource at the company’s operation site in Yarsonnon, the department referred this paper through the security assigned at the operation to contact the Ministry of Public Works in Monrovia.
When the Ministry of Public Works assigned resident engineer was contacted via mobile phone, he refused to comment and also referred the paper to the Monrovia office.
Superintendent Nelson Korquoi angrily responded via mobile phone that he is not working with the Chinese road construction company and he is not the spokesperson for the company.
Since the action of the Chinese by parking machines from working on the Saclepea Highway, local authorities seeking President George Weah’s Reelection bid remain tight-lipped on the issue up to press time.
Investigations continue.

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