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What’s Going On Within Rebuilders Party?

The Liberia Rebuilding Party (REBUILDERS) has officially reiterated the earlier suspension of Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee, the party’s former standard bearer.
The issue began dating back to December 7, 2023 for acts unbecoming and totally incompatible with his status for denigrating the office of the National Chairperson of the party, when he arbitrarily removed the party’s chairperson from all of its chatrooms and illegally took down his post.
Consequently, said action impeded the constitutional authority conferred on the chairman to supervise the day-to-day affairs of the party, in a bid to subvert the party’s anticipated internal post-elections auditing, supposedly to be supervised by the party’s National Chairperson, Cllr. Lavela B. Walker, pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation, which reached the party’s National Executive Committee meeting.
In a release issued Tuesday, December 26, 2023, it stated in clear terms that the former standard bearer did not receive any approbation from the party to serve as administrator of its various chatrooms, noting that the “said appointment was self- proclaimed by its former standard bearer to the complete detriment of party members whose constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression were effectively curtailed through the arbitrary introduction of censorship by the former standard bearer, choosing unto himself the illegal authority to take down posts placed in the party’s chatrooms deemed unfavorable to him.
He also justified such unorthodox behavior by imaginarily enthroning himself as being the owner of the Liberia Rebuilding Party, knowing fully well that such illusionary mindset defeats a cardinal portion of the National Elections’ Commission Guidelines on the formation and operation of any political party in the Republic of Liberia, and therefore, runs contrary to the dictate of every democratic norm practiced and accepted by civilized institutions everywhere, with the Liberia Rebuilding Party being no exception.”
The release added that the Liberia Rebuilding Party is utterly disappointed in its former standard bearer’s attitude of attempting to create division and disunity in the party by establishing parallel leadership and command structure, purposefully to undermine its duly constituted authority through his unilateral association with folks at the Alliance of Opposition Political Parties, who endorsed and supported the Unity Party in the Presidential Runoff elections as a way to shield him.
“It can be recalled that since the Liberia Rebuilding Party voted upon the decision and designated some party executives to execute the party’s mandate, its former standard bearer, who was not even designated to head the endorsement team, however, has since strategically positioned himself to pursue his personal agenda.
As such, the Liberia Rebuilding Party wishes to categorically distance itself from such conduct, as its former standard bearer’s actions over the period has since proven to be self-centered, selfish, and completely inimical to the objectives of this noble party,” the press statement maintained.
Meanwhile, Yorfee has since been kindly requested to turn over all party properties in his possession to the office of the Secretary General, as well as warning the general public against transacting any form of business with him on behalf of the party while undergoing his suspension, as anyone or institution doing so would be doing so at their own risk.
When contacted, Yorfee said that the Governing Council suspended for time indefinite several individuals and not just him.
He stated that there was a meeting held on Friday, December 22, 2023, and the Governing Council took the decision on several persons, including the National Chairman, Cllr. Lavala B. Walker; Rokenzy ‘Libmoney’ Smith, aspirant for electoral District 1, Margibi County, and the Youth Chairman, Sirleaf Kordor, who was expelled by the party, among others.

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