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What Am I Hearing About SINOE COUNTY On The Hosting of Preliminaries Of The Pending Annual County Meet?

By Atty Philip N. Wesseh (PNW)

Yesterday morning my blood simmered in me, as I stood in disbelief upon hearing on a local radio station that the great county of Sinoe, commonly referred to by its people as “SNOH-KEE,” may not honor its part of hosting other counties during the zonal preliminaries of the pending County Meet because of the lack of preparations.

This report comes at the time the fixture has been released, with counties placed in various zones throughout the country. Sinoe has been selected to host other counties such as Nimba and River Gee in a zone.

But the report seemingly suggests that this great county which has produced many great players in this country, even to the national team, is beyond preparation to host other counties because of the lack of necessary facilities to do so. Mainly, such requires accommodation for the visiting counties.

Intuitively, from the phrase, “lack of preparation,” one can deduce that this is centered on lack of resources, mainly financial and logistical to have the county prepared to host the others for this competition which purposely is to promote unity, oneness and reconciliation.

Years back, it was only held in Monrovia but because of these objectives, it has been decentralized, with only the last stages, leading to the final being played in Monrovia.

I take interest in this not because of tribalism but because of the debt of gratitude I hold the people of Sinoe and also because of the role of the county in sporting activities, mainly in soccer in the country coupled with the fact of the galaxy of people who hail from the county.

Unquestionably, it is a county that continues to produce great men and women, including my former schoolmate (D.Twe High) Senator J. Milton Teahjay and my Methodist brother, Associate Justice Joseph Nyenetue Nagbe, just to name a few of the innumerable list.

As I always said that my biological father hailed from Maryland County, but I was reared and bred by my mother’s family from Sinoe that really prepared me to be what I am today. Therefore, I always have special connections consanguineously for the county.

Besides, it is sickening to hear that this great county may forfeit losing the hosting of the zone because it is not prepared. This is my concern because this is a great county and one of the oldest in this country. When I speak of its greatness, it is not about its geographical size, but its natural and human resources.

As such, to hear that it is not prepared to host the other counties is embarrassing and a disgrace. Let me emphatically state that if the county fails to host the other counties and such is transferred to another county, this would be an INDICTMENT on the leadership of the county and also a sign of ineptitude on their part, including all of its lawmakers, as well as my friend, Matthew Zarzar.

It is sad to note that some individuals in leadership are yet to realize that leadership is selfless. It is about seeking the interest of society and so to hear that Sinoe County may not host the other counties because of the lack of preparation is something of concern.

Frankly if this happens, opprobrium would fall on the county and that all of its leaders would have themselves to blame.

Apart from sporting activities, the Sinoe people are hospitable or welcoming people and would be willing to host their fellow compatriots. But again, the lack of the THREE C’s” as I said last Sunday when I inducted the Administrative Council of the Trinity United Methodist Church in New Kru Town.


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