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WFP School Theft Investigation In Limbo

By. Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Alleged failure by WFP Chief of Security, Sando Johnson, in releasing investigation reports leading to the theft of more than US$1,500 from the WFP sponsor’s school account, is causing serious concerns among school administrators in Nimba County.
Speaking in Dagamond Public School, Principal Wuo Gbamie explained that an unknown person called the school administrator on phone and instructed the school to dial certain GSM number to receive additional cash, but after the exercise, the school’s US$900 that was in the phone, disappeared.
“Case was reported to the school DEO, Timothy Karlie, and WFP authority assigned in Nimba, but we were mandated by WFP Investigators’ Chief of Security to refund the money,” Principal Gbamie said.
“The administration of the school mortgaged our one-year salary as loan to pay back the money, but whether police was informed about the case, we don’t know,” Gbamie disclosed.
Speaking on the same issue, Whynor Public School Principal, Cecelia Y Leakpei, explained that US$638 was stolen from the school phone provided by WFP, but the crime was not investigated by police but by WFP investigators.
“WFP investigators ordered us to refund the stolen money to the school account without proper investigations,” said Leakpei.
“My school business office and I took a US$638 loan from our salaries to pay back the money for fear of being dismissed,” Principal Leakpei lamented.
“We want MOJ to launch an investigation, because we who were affected are no more receiving our pay because of the loan,” Leakpei disclosed.
When this paper contacted a WFP focus supervisor in Nimba via mobile phone, he confirmed the report, stating, “Several public schools were duped and we are still waiting whether suspects linked to the crime will be arrested, ” the supervisor revealed.
However, WFP Chief of Security Sandi Johnson and DEO Timothy Karlie have remained tight-lipped on the issue, pending investigation.

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