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West Africa RISP Mid-Term Review ECOWAS, AfDB On 2020-2025

The ECOWAS Commission and the African Development Bank (AfDB) are convening joint consultation meetings on the combined mid-term and portfolio performance reviews of the Regional Integration Strategy Paper (RISP) for West Africa for 2020-2025

The meeting, which began, Tuesday, September 5 will be concludes on Friday, September 8, 2023.  

The event which is being held at the ECOWAS Commission Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, focuses on a number of topics, including the challenges and prospects of regional integration in West Africa, the state of cooperation between the Commission and the Bank, the Bank’s strategic orientation and priority areas of intervention, and future priority projects between the two institutions.  

The interventions to be discussed will include economic affairs and agriculture, human development and social affairs, infrastructure, energy and digitalization, political affairs, peace and security, transportation, energy, and information and communication technology.  

At the end of the meeting, a report outlining the primary conclusion and recommendations of the Bank’s engagement with the Commission will be submitted to the leadership of both the Bank and the ECOWAS Commission.  

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