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Weah To Face Lawsuit For ‘Singing’

By Alex Yomah
In the wake of the looming economic hardship in the country, President George Weah has been asked to desist from singing and focus on the work for which fourteen (14) out of 15 counties elected him.
A renowned Liberian lawyer, Cllr. Arthur Johnson, has threatened to file a lawsuit before the Full Bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia if any attempt is made by President George Manneh to release his fifth single (song) In Liberia.
Making the disclosure recently during an interaction with the media, Cllr. Johnson unearthed a plan to petition the Honorable Supreme Court for a writ of Mandamus that would compel President George Weah to halt singing and focus on his Presidential task.
He asserted further that his intention to file a legal instrument against the Liberian leader is driven by the Liberian Head of States’ decision to prioritize singing over doing the job for which he was elected especially in the wake of the daunting economic hardship that is besetting his government, which among other things, have rendered Liberians in worsening economic condition under his watch as President of Liberia.
“President Weah was to perform a specific task; that is to lead the Liberian people to better living conditions and not for singing when the economy is in recession and families go to bed on empty stomach,” Cllr. Johnson averred.
“The President is the father of the nation and the timing of his recent ego for music is not right. It is like a father who leaves his family without food and returns singing to them while they are hungry,” he bewailed.
“You cannot have someone like President Weah sitting in the presidency and ignoring everything that is affecting the people and the current situation in the nation,” Cllr. Johnson said.
In an infuriating mood, the Liberian Lawyer described as an embarrassment, and even troubling about the future and destiny of the country if President Weah continues on this trajectory.
“Agreed that he was a footballing star before becoming President, but now he is the President and not a singer/musician nor a footballer again; he is also the father of the Nation, the ‘philosophy king’ and he should be that person to lead the country in the rightful perspective,” Cllr. Johnson stated.

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