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Weah Speaks On Liberia’s Fragile Peace
-Lights Up 2022 Christmas Tree

By Bill W. Cooper
President George M. Weah has rallied Liberians to commit themselves to the behaviors that promote peace and love fullness during the conduct of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections as means of preserving the country’s fragile peace.

The Liberian leader at the same also pledged his unrelenting support to the conduct of a free, fair, transparent, credible and peaceful elections in 2023.

Delivering his remarks during the official lighting of the national Christmas tree at the Executive ground, the Liberian leader maintained, “I now also ask the similar pledge from all who will participate in these upcoming elections both their leadership and followers.”

“Let me say again, that I will do all that is legally within my power to ensure that the coming elections are contested in an atmosphere that is conducive for citizens to freely exercise their constitutional rights to choose those who will lead them and the voices of the Liberian people will be respected,” he vowed.

According to him, as Liberians embark on the celebration of Christmas, it should be done with love in the hearts of everyone for each other; remembering that everyone is their brothers’ keepers.

He maintained, “Let us also resolve to always use dialogue to address our differences rather than violence. And let us also remember that there is so much more that can unite us than that which divides us.”

“We are Liberians first and foremost, so let us celebrate the diversity in our unity. And so, I now called on all Liberians under the sound of my voice to join hands so that we can continue to build a better Liberia for us all,” President Weah admonished.

Recounting on the lighting of the Christmas tree, the Liberian Chief Executive further indicated that said event has become a normal routine which is being observed annually in the country to mark the birth of Jesus especially for those of the Christian faith.

He noted that the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth which took place almost two thousand years ago has always been commemorated as a time of joy and happiness, fellowship, goodwill and a time of peace.

The President further urged all Liberians to be more grateful on grounds that they are living in a time of peace, adding, “And this peace that we have enjoyed for more than two decades now should never be taking for granted.”

“It must be appreciated, celebrated, protected and preserved not only for Christmas but throughout the year and other years to come. Together we are stronger, united we are invisible,” President Weah concluded.

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